hy Did Matt Send Marylynn Home On 'The Bachelor'?

Fans Are LIVID About This 'Bachelor' Week 3 Elimination

ABC/Craig Sjodin

It's only Week 3 of Matt James' search for love, but the drama is already here in full force. From the start, Matt has made it clear he's not about anyone being on the show for the wrong reasons. So, why exactly did Matt send Marylynn home on The Bachelor? Apparently, she was a little too wrapped up in some drama with ~the queen.~

In case you don't recall Season 25 having royalty, it's probably because the contestant isn't actually a monarch. Victoria, a 27-year-old health coach from Los Angeles, made a name for herself in the very first episode of the season. Instead of the usual limo entrance, she rode in on a throne while wearing a tiara and quickly dubbed Matt her "king" by placing a crown on his head.

The larger-than-life contestant was paired up with Marylynn as a roommate and, according to Victoria, that's when the drama really started. During Week 2, Victoria mentioned ill feelings toward Marylynn to cameras, explaining that she didn't want to go on a group date with Marylynn and decided to "move out" of the room they shared and instead slept on the couch.

Despite everything Victoria was saying, Marylynn appeared generally unbothered, other than being slightly annoyed by Victoria's antics, as was the rest of the house. Things were actually looking pretty great for Marylynn: During the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party in the Jan. 11 episode, Matt pulled Marylynn aside and gave her an orchid after remembering it was her favorite flower.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

However, soon after that, Victoria pulled Matt aside to tell him about her problems with Marylynn. In Matt's confessional after that chat, he said it seemed like Marylynn had bullied Victoria.

After chatting with Matt, Victoria returned to the rest of the contestants. “I told him how awful Marylynn was to me," she said. "It was shocking when she was like that to me.” Matt then pulled Marylynn aside, and she denied bullying Victoria. While she said she "didn't understand her," she claimed she never had malicious intent. In an effort to make things right, Marylynn then pulled Victoria aside to apologize for unintentionally hurting her feelings. Lots of heart-to-hearts in this ep.

Unfortunately, Matt clearly didn't want the drama to continue, so he decided to send one of the two home. Whether it was his decision or a suggestion from the producers, Matt gave Victoria a rose during the Jan. 18 episode, and the ceremony ended with Marylynn empty-handed.

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues Monday, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.