Victoria Larson on 'The Bachelor'

Here's What To Know About The New "Queen" Of 'The Bachelor'


It wouldn't be a season of The Bachelor without some wacky, attention-grabbing job titles. In the past, Bachelor Nation has seen everything from "Free Spirit" to "Aspiring Dolphin Trainer" to "Never Been Kissed" as the supposed professions of contestants. This year, during Matt James' season of The Bachelor, there's one contestant who's already catching people's eyes — and ruffling a few feathers — with her royal job title. So, who is Victoria on Matt James' Bachelor season? She claims to be a queen.

Victoria Larson, one of the 32 women vying for Matt's heart this season, likes to refer to herself as "Queen Victoria." According to her ABC bio, that means she's "outgrown her 'once upon a time' jetsetter lifestyle but not her sense of grandeur." She also says in her bio that she "knows she has a big personality and needs a strong man who can keep up, but who won't be controlling in any way, shape or form." That definitely sounds like she's bringing some big royal energy to The Bachelor this season.

Unfortunately for Victoria, "queen" isn't technically an actual profession, at least not in the United States. So, as far as work goes, Victoria is an entrepreneur who's launched a few health and beauty businesses. On her Instagram, she says she's the owner of Jet Set Glow, which offers "certified spray tanning, health coaching, pilates, and all things beauty for mind, body, and soul."

In her ABC bio, Victoria lists Los Angeles as her hometown, but her Instagram is also filled with shots of her enjoying life in Florida. In one of her Instagrams, she says she has her "heart in more than one location," so she seems to be bicoastal between California and Florida.

Victoria says she has "truly no filter," which is something that's sure to cause a stir this season. She also identifies physical touch as her love language and loves love, so no doubt she'll make her romantic hopes clear to Matt.

Victoria made her dream of making Matt her king very clear during her limo entrance on the Jan. 4 premiere, during which she stepped out in a tiara and presented Matt with a king's crown.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

"I'm Victoria, like the queen," she explained, although her regal attire did make her trip on her way up the Nemacolin Resort red carpet stairs. She made sure to reiterate her royal status to the other women as soon as she joined them inside by loudly announcing, "The queen has arrived, b*tches!"

Victoria quickly made it clear she's *not* here to make friends by repeatedly pulling Matt aside during his chats with other contestants. At one point, she even interrupted his conversation with 21-year-old socialite Kit by telling her, "Excuse me, princess. The queen is here."

If the first night is any indication, Queen Victoria will bring plenty of personality — and more than a little bit of drama — to Season 25. Who knows — maybe Matt's journey to find love will end with him becoming her king, after all.

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 11, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.