Kit Keenan on Matt James' Season of 'The Bachelor'

Wait, 1 Of Matt James' 'Bachelor' Contestants Has A Super-Famous Mom


As 2021 starts up, so does the next season of The Bachelor, and with it come new contestants to meet. While many of the Season 25 cast members are newbies to the spotlight, there's one face you might already be familiar with. So, who is Kit Keenan on Matt James' Bachelor season? There's a chance you've seen the NYC native before.

Heading into Season 25, Matt isn't the only cast member you just might already be following on IG. Kit Keenan, a senior at New York University, was born to be a fashionista, and she has the social media profile to prove it. With more than 46,000 IG followers (and counting), she's already well-known coming into the Jan. 4 Bachelor premiere. On the app, Kit's feed is full of posts of her workouts and vegan recipes, as well as the occasional pic with her famous mom.

Yup, the 21-year-old entrepreneur is the daughter of fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. In case you're not familiar, Rowley specializes in sustainable lewks worn by celebs like Kim Kardashian. She also had a random cameo on Gossip Girl, so yes, she's a certified Big Deal. The mother-daughter duo co-host a podcast called Ageless together, on which they chat about fashion, business, wellness, and life.

Other gems on info gleaned from social media: Kit can surf in high heels, has definitely mastered the art of the perfect mirror selfie, and bears a striking resemblance to Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit.

While she obviously has a lot going for her, Kit is the youngest contestant this season. According to her ABC bio, despite her age, she's "very ready for a serious commitment." While she hasn't had a boyfriend since high school (which, TBH, wasn't that long ago), she's looking for someone "who is genuine, open, and honest" and who can "hold their own in New York social scene."

Her mom might have been *on* Gossip Girl, but it sounds like Kit is actually living it. Instead of exiting a limo like like most women do in the season premiere, Kit said it was giving her "ride-share vibes," so she rolled up solo in a Bentley instead. “I love being the center of attention,” she said, relishing in her glam entrance. Whether she'll be sharing that spotlight with Matt remains to be seen.

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 11, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.