Matt James and Victoria in The Bachelor.

Twitter's Already Made So Many Memes About Queen Victoria On 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Like it or not, it wouldn't be The Bachelor without plenty of drama. Each season of the dating show tends to feature a villain figure who creates plenty of controversy among the other contestants during the lead's journey to find love. Although Matt James' time as the Bachelor is just getting started, these memes about Queen Victoria from The Bachelor prove fans have strong feelings about Season 25's resident bad girl.

Ever since she stepped out in a literal tiara during her limo entrance and explained that "I'm Victoria, like the queen," the contestant has made it clear she's not here to make friends. After all, she's on this journey for Matt, who she crowned as her potential king during Night 1. Victoria hasn't been shy about stealing Matt away from the other women either, even telling fellow contestant Kit at one point during Night 1: "Excuse me princess, the queen is here."

Victoria went on to criticize her fellow contestants for not allowing her to be her "true self," and her behavior has certainly made a strong impression on Bachelor Nation, too. Many fans took to Twitter to share some seriously meme-worthy content about Season 25's royal pain.

Twitter users also noted that Matt himself didn't seem too thrilled about Queen Victoria's antics, especially when she pulled him aside during the wedding photoshoot group date in Episode 2.

Others pointed out how Victoria's wild behavior was reminiscent of a Saturday Night Live character — more specifically, one played by actor Cecily Strong.

Although many fans aren't exactly thrilled about Victoria's presence on the season, some people appreciated the chaotic vibes she's brought to Season 25.

Victoria seems poised to bring even more drama to The Bachelor as Matt's season progresses. Maybe he'll end up becoming her king in the end, but no matter what ends up happening, she'll certainly keep Bachelor Nation buzzing in the meantime.

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.