What Is Victoria Larson's Real Job?

Yes, Victoria Has A Real Job Aside From Her "Queen" Title On 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Queen of Season 25 has officially arrived. When The Bachelor aired on Jan. 6, 32 women were introduced to Bachelor Nation, all of whom were vying for Matt James' heart. While a lot of them made a memorable first impression, few made more of an impact than Victoria, who immediately crowned herself the queen of the season. Even though Victoria is a pretty convincing royal, it turns out, queendom isn't her real job. Here's what Victoria Larson is up to when she's not rocking a tiara on national television.

Even if Victoria doesn't professionally hold a scepter, the 27-year-old from Los Angeles is probably just as busy as a royal. According to her ABC bio, Victoria has "outgrown her 'once upon a time' jetsetter lifestyle," and instead is concentrating on entrepreneurship. Her personal website mentions she went to Florida State University for undergrad and later studied at New York University.

It was through Victoria's eduction, her pilates certification, and her "personal journey of getting physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy" that she's created her company: Vikki Larson Beauty. Her goal is to help each of her clients "find balance and joy in their life." Victoria offers virtual health coaching sessions, sunless self-tanner, and a few assorted beauty products.

Her Instagram is full of photos of her products, her brand, health tips, and motivation (as well as a few memes and the occasional swimsuit pic). All in all, it looks like she's out here living her brand, and it especially makes sense she would focus on health. Her ABC bio says "meditation and spirituality play a huge role" in her life, and she wants to find someone who also values spirituality. Luckily for her, Matt is religious, so the two have that important foundation in common.

Before taking over the health and beauty space, Victoria was actually a flight attendant, which is probably how her love of jetsetting got started. And, according to her LinkedIn, she's also a real estate agent in the greater Los Angeles area, so if Matt and Victoria end up together, she can probably help them find their future home (assuming he'd relocate from NYC). I'll be the first to bet she'll pick a castle, should they make it to "I do."

Season 25 of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.