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These 4 Zodiac Signs Make Great Writers & They Have A Natural Way With Words

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Call me pretentious, but I am madly, passionately, and hopelessly in love with language and the written word. When I hear someone say something beautiful, clever, or funny, I'm enchanted by the way they see the world. When I read a gorgeously written sentence, I feel stunned by the feeling it gives me. Without great writers, the world would be a far less interesting place. In fact, let's talk about these genius human beings, because these zodiac signs are great writers: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces. If you've got placements in these zodiac signs — namely your sun, moon, rising, or Mercury sign — you have a natural talent.

You might think that because you're not the greatest speller or the most knowledgeable about grammar that you're not capable of good writing. However, one of my favorite things about writing is the way the rules are meant to be subverted. The most prolific and groundbreaking writers are always going against the grain and discovering new ways to tell a story. Think about all the poets, rappers, novelists, and literary figures all throughout history that we continue to obsess over; the ones who leave behind a mark were often the ones who did things the "wrong" way. They were brave enough to invent a new style of writing. The following zodiac signs have such a multi-faceted understanding of writing that they're always taking language for a spin.


Gemini: They Love Communicating Their Thoughts

If you've ever known a Gemini, you know all their ability to say the right thing at exactly the right time. It's like they eat cleverness, humor, and wit for breakfast. Take that energy over to the page, and their way with words blossoms even further. And it's no wonder, because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, so information flows their way just as fast as it flows out of them. Let's not also forget that Gemini is symbolized by twins, meaning that they always know there are two sides to every story.

Virgo: They Find Language Beyond Fascinating

You know that person who always drops in with the most clever and intelligent remark? There's a strong chance that person will be a Virgo. You always get a scholarly intellect coupled with a natural social intelligence in a Virgo. When they write, they always use the most specific and accurate words and they get their point across beautifully. Even if a Virgo never reads or writes (which is rare), they still blow your mind when they communicate. After all, Virgo's ruled by Mercury, planet of messages.

Libra: They Can't Help But Charm You With Words

There's a reason why Libras are always known for being so charming. Libra's ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and love, and whenever they express themselves, it always radiates with Venusian grace. This zodiac sign is made of cardinal air, which essentially means that they're a force of intellect and communication. They also ruled over the seventh house of partnerships, meaning that whenever they're describing something, it's as if they're talking directly to you. When a Libra writes, they make the reader feel like the only other person in the world.

Pisces: Their Imagination Shines On The Page

There's no zodiac sign with a more transcendent, artistic, or poetic understanding of writing than Pisces. Have you ever read something that transports you to a different world? Have you ever had a conversation with someone that helped you see magic when you thought there was none? I'd wager that person might just be a Pisces. This zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune, planet of fantasy, dreams, and illusions, so if any zodiac sign can enchant you with literary goodness, it's Pisces.

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