These 10 Best Halloween Emojis & Animojis Will Make Your Messages So Spooky

As you probably already know, there are a ton of ways to show off your Halloween spirit. But aside from costumes and general witchiness, expressing yourself through emojis and Animojis is the way to go. Between the skull Animoji, the coffin and spooky spider web emojis, there are a ton of ways you can express your love for the most frightening time of year. So, if you haven't already checked them out, here is what I think are the 10 best Halloween 2018 emojis and Animojis. They're definitely going to step up your spooky game. TBH, I'm already scared.

If you've ever gotten a text from me, you're most likely aware of my emoji and Animoji obsession. And in terms of Halloween-themed emojis and Animojis, Apple has you totally covered this year. In an Oct. 25 blog post, Emojipedia showed off Apple's Halloween-themed emojis, which include anything from a ghost, to the jack-o-lantern, various fearful expressions, vampires, aliens, robots, skulls, zombies, bats, spiders, spider webs, a coffin, and even a funeral urn (seriously). There are so many spooky and, quite honestly, horrifying options you can use for each and every one of your texts, tweets, Instagram captions, and even Facebook posts.

1. Skull


Sing, talk, and tell stories as a spooky skull. Your friends will love hearing your voice through this creepy AF Animoji.

2. Ghost


Haunt your friends with the goofy little ghost emoji — it's a Halloween staple.

3. Alien


Feeling out of this world? Try using the alien emoji, or use it to speak your thoughts via Animoji.

4. Robot


Beep-boop. If robots take over the world, at least they can talk-as-you-talk in the form of an Animoji.

5. Fearful Face


The fearful face emoji is ideal for any Halloween celebration. In all honesty, I'm scared right now.

6. Dinosaur


If Jurassic Park is deemed creepy enough for you, channel your inner T-Rex via the dinosaur emoji.

7. Vampire


Any blood-thirsty creature will understand your cravings with a vampire emoji. Spooooky.

8. Coffin


If you're feeling dead to the world, express your lifelessness with a coffin. How haunting.

9. Bats


Someone driving you batty? Send them a few bat emojis — that should deliver the message.

10. Spider web


Solely available as an emoji, the spider web is a perfect way to spookify each and every one of your text messages. It's somehow totally symmetrical, and it adds the perfect creepy touch.

While Halloween only comes once a year, bagels are timeless. And recently, Apple's infamous bagel emoji underwent a huge makeover. In case you didn't know, Apple users were very upset by the dull, dry bagel the company initially released in the iOS 12.1 beta version. So, they decided to make it over to make it look fuller, and they spread some cream cheese on it, and they just made it more tasty-looking overall. Honestly, as a New York resident, I was a little put off by their initial attempt at a bagel emoji, but it's now looking much better. I'd definitely top that thing with some classic lox and schmear any day of the week.

Halloween is almost here, though, so make sure you show off your spirit through these wild emojis and Animojis. Zoinks!