These Are Biggest Spring Hair Colors Trends You'll Want To Show Your Hairstylist ASAP

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Hello and welcome to Spring Cleaning: Beauty Addition! In today's episode (OK, article), I'll be cleaning up my lewk by determining the perfect spring 2019 hair color trends I should try before everyone who's anyone is already rocking them. To get the scoop, I turned to Stephanie Brown, a colorist in NYC who is a master at trendspotting the next big shades, and she gave me the scoop on the best looks for every base, so you can give your hair a stylish update from any starting point.

For Blondes

A blonde herself, Stephanie Brown began by letting me know that quite a few of my fave celebs have been riding the light blonde wave. "For lighter blondes, I think we will see a union of the snow bunny blonde and the creamy blonde that we've been seeing all winter," she explained, "Like baby blonde, or beige blonde." This means everyone debating ruining their strands by bleaching them platinum to look ~hip~ can relax, because there's officially no longer a need to do so. "Once the warmer weather comes, people like to see brighter, lighter colors," says Brown. "Since this is a mixture of warm and cool, it works well with all skin tones. Ask your stylist for paler, fine highlights and to warm up your base color."

This would be a neutral warm pale base color with almost-white highlights, as seen on Dove Cameron, Margot Robbie, and Lili Reinhart," says Brown:

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My favorite part about this trend is how natural it looks. Bottle blonde, who? We don't know her, and we stan a realistic color melt:

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Not into that bright blonde vibe? Fear not. "For darker blondes, it will be sandy blonde or beige," says Brown, adding that, "this is for the lower maintenance blonde." Sign me up! "You’ll have a few bright pieces around your face and throughout your hair, but a slightly darker neutral base. It’s a rooted blonde or a higher ombré, very beachy-looking."

"Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez are great examples of this," says Brown:

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I mean, they're also three of the most stunning women I've ever seen, so safe to say this color trend is a keeper:

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Ask your stylist for a rooted darker blonde and bring pictures so you can show the placement that you want," says Brown, and while this look works on everyone, you should be sure to have your colorist adjust to best flatter your complexion. "This is good for neutral to cooler-undertoned skin, if you are paler or warmer-undertoned, just add brighter paler pieces around your face."

Regardless of the undertone, the look will be "cool" in my book. See what I did there?

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For Redheads

Is spring 2019 unofficially redhead szn? Brown says it's possible, if the shade is just right. "Dusty copper will be big for the redheads who are a little darker, with the olive and cooler undertones," she proclaims. "Isla Fisher, Issa Rae, and Emma Stone are all good examples of this color." How to copy the look for yourself? "Ask your colorist for a copper base, but a mixture of neutral and very subtle highlights and lowlights. In some cases, you won’t even need the highlights, as the lowlights will be enough."

I 👏 love 👏 this 👏 look 👏 so 👏 damn 👏 much:

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"This color is a mixture of copper and neutral tones, so you don’t have that orange feel when you step out in the sun, just a rich silky warm color," says Brown:

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For Brunettes

Onto the guys and gals with the darker strands! For spring, Brown says it's time to lighten up just a bit. "Light brunettes are going to want a similar look to the aforementioned sandy beige blonde, but a little darker and with the ends being one or two shades lighter," she insists.

"Like the beige blonde, it will be very beachy for those girls with cooler undertones. But for warmer undertones, you can always make those highlights slightly warmer without affecting the overall look."

"Jessica Beil and Chrissy Teigan wear this look well," says Brown, but honestly, what look could they not wear well? Trick question, because they look great all the time:

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"Ask your stylist for an all over neutral to ashy light brown, with subtle finer highlights towards the ends of your hair," instructs Brown:

Don't want to go too light? "For the darker-haired brunettes, the color will move more towards a rich brunette or a caramel ombré," says Brown. "This is still very dark, but will have fine and very subtle (almost so that you can't see them) babylights to an ombré." Why opt for subtle strands when you're looking to make a bold statement? "You want the highlights to be subtle because you don’t want them to end up looking red or brassy, so you want them on the neutral side."

The key, says Brown, is keeping the crown dark and having the highlights be slightly lighter at the ends:

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I love how much a slight ombré can warm up an entire head of hair:

BTW, Emma Roberts just tried this out on shorter strands, and it looked amazing:

For Fantasy Colors

Last but not least, it wouldn't be right to ignore a colorful moment, now would it? This year, though, the hues aren't exactly Rainbow Brite in terms of saturation. "Pastels or faded pastels will make a comeback, but they will be more powdery, so soft blues and pinks will be seen a lot," says Brown.

Think Khloé Kardashian's fairly recent pale pink strands (which, BTW, were washout, so you can try this trend risk-free):

If you really need that vibrant moment, blend it into a more powdery pastel base, like Cardi B did with this lavender moment featuring pops of hot pink, purple, and blue:

Color me inspired! I officially have multiple color trends to choose from, whereas I previously had none. While I'm grateful to Brown for narrowing it down, I feel like now I'm tempted to try it all. Beige blonde? Powdery lavender? Copper? The possibilities are endless.