Redheads May Actually Be Stronger And More Successful Than Everyone Else

by Chris Riotta

Why do redheads get such a bad rep?

Think about it. They always seem to be the butt of any bad joke:

What is the difference between a redhead and a vampire? One is a pale, bloodsucking creature that avoids the sun. The other is a vampire.


And there is all this garbage on the Internet saying redheads are quickly becoming extinct.

To top it all off, they couldn't even get an emoji in the latest Apple update (a petition led by Ginger Parrot is hoping to change this on

I think it's due time to put all of this BS about redheads to bed once and for all.

Besides, redheads may actually be the ones who wind up getting the last laugh. As it turns out, a lot of that popular "science" is inaccurate.

In fact, the evidence paints a completely different, red-hot picture about our ginger pals.

Redheads may actually be genetically superior to the rest of us.

Redheads don't feel as much pain as other people.

One study shows that, contrary to popular belief, redheads are not weaker than blondes or brunettes.

After studying the effect of pain in humans, researchers found that redheads appear to be "better protected" on the surface level.

The study involved injecting a stinging pain into the skin, and researchers noticed that redheads were the least affected by the shot out of all the participants.

However, that isn't to say a redhead is some sort of invincible vampire who doesn't feel pain or emotions. Seriously, stop trying.

The real reason they don't feel the same sort of pain as quickly as others is likely because of their genetic coding.

ScienceNordic reports that female mice with the receptor gene MC1R are much easier to treat with certain medications. Redheads are the only people with a variant of this gene.

Basically, redheads feel pain an entirely different way than other people, and it's likely because their genetic makeup is fundamentally different.

Men are intimidated and afraid to catcall them.

The Huffington Post says a recent study about attraction and hair color shows prejudice against redheads that is nearly as harsh as racial discrimination.

However, that's not the real reason guys aren't coming up to the redheaded bombshells sitting at the bar.

According to Elevated Today, the research team discovered after further investigation that the male participants in their study were actually afraid to approach the women out of fear of rejection.

The men assumed that the women wouldn't possibly be interested in them because their unique, fiery features make them strikingly beautiful.

Redheads can eat spicier foods than we can.

Coincidentally, redheads tend to prefer their food red-hot. We're talking flaming-hot-Sriracha spicy. Frank's Red Hot? They are the ones who put that sh*t on everything.

And, even if you're a redhead who doesn't like your food extra spicy, chances are you can still take the heat more than the rest of us.

According to a study performed at Aalborg University in Denmark, redheads are able to handle spicier flavors more than people with any other hair color.

Time for all of us to get out of the kitchen and let the redheads spice things up.

Redheads are four times more likely to be CEOs.

In case you needed any more convincing to quit the redhead harassment, here it is: Our ginger counterparts are four times as likely to become the CEO of their workplace.

That's right. Chances are, if you've ever made fun of a redhead, karma's coming for you in the form of an assertive, confident, redheaded boss.

A joint study by the University of Tennessee and Dalton State proves that redheads aren't going extinct. They're doing just the opposite: They're taking over. And they mean business.

One possible reason redheads are more likely to become a CEO is that they're generally seen across cultures as having bold, unique features, which set them apart from the rest of the pack.

And, if you are a redhead, you have lived an entire life constantly being seen as different from everyone else. Your features have defined you as someone who is unique, on the inside and out.

Only two percent of the world population has red hair, and our society has forced you to stand out even more in any crowd. It is impossible to hide in a shell, and you probably wouldn't want to if you could.

So the next time you overhear someone talking trash about the redhead gang, remember this article. I don't think I'd want to go up against an incredibly hot, insanely tough, future CEO.

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