'Friends' Thanksgiving episode

The 'Friends' Thanksgiving Episode You Resonate With Most, Based On Your Sign

by Valerie Mesa

25 years after the first Friends episode aired, and there are still no signs of the beloved NBC series slowing down in popularity. Most of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes are even headed to theaters in the days leading up to Turkey Day. So now is the perfect time to find the Friends Thanksgiving episode that's meant for you, based on your zodiac sign, because no other TV show has ever spoiled its viewers with hysterical holiday cheer like the '90s/'00s hit sitcom.

Over a thousand theaters across the country held exclusive screenings of Friends between September and October earlier this year, featuring an array of remastered episodes from the show's 10 seasons. Naturally, the screenings were a total success among the fandom, which is why the showrunners decided to do the same for the 2019 holiday season. Fathom Events will screen eight remastered Thanksgiving-themed Friends episodes in theaters across the country on Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 25 at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. (all local times).

I categorized the perfect Friends Thanksgiving episodes for you via the four elements — fire, earth, air, and water. Read yours below:

Fire (Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius): “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”

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In the midst of planning their first Thanksgiving as a sextet, Chandler informs everyone that the Underdog balloon escaped the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. So, the group heads up to the roof to see if they can spot it, with Monica leaving their dinner cooking in the apartment. In the rush, no one grabs the keys, so they're subsequently locked out and the dishes are all ruined. Nevertheless, the sixsome start their own tradition of celebrating the holiday together from that day forward.

Season 1's Thanksgiving episode, titled "The One Where Underdog Gets Away," instantly reminded me of the fire signs, because those born under Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius typically get caught up in the moment. Spontaneous and outgoing, the fire signs would definitely rush to the roof to watch a holiday parade. Fire is a symbol of taking action, which is exactly what the Friends group did.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn): “The One With The List”

Warner Bros.

There's never a dull moment in these particular NYC apartments, especially during the holidays. In an effort to gain some funds, Monica attempts to create a recipe for a horrible synthetic chocolate substitute (which, thankfully, turns out to be squashed by the FDA). Meanwhile, Ross kisses Rachel, even though he's still dating Julie, so he decides to create a quick list of pros and cons for each, in order to help him choose between them. In typical Friends fashion, Rachel discovers Ross' infamous list, and even though he chooses to be with her, she ends up denying him because she never would've made a list in the first place.

The Season 2 Thanksgiving episode, titled "The One With The List," totally reminds me of the earth signs, because it doesn't matter how organized and specific those born under Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn want to be, you can't always be in control. Earth is a symbol of stability, security, and sustenance. However, it's also a representation of what already is, similar to Ross' feelings for Rachel... list or no list!

Air (Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius): “The One With All The Thanksgivings”

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If you're an air sign, there's really nothing better than catching up with your closest friends. In this episode, Ross confesses he's having the worst Thanksgiving. Before long, the crew reminisces on some of their worst Turkey Day experiences. Chandler says he wins, as his was the one where his parents told him they were getting divorced; Phoebe's is one from a past life in which she lost an arm during a war; Monica's turns out to be when she accidentally dropped a knife on Chandler's toe a year after she overheard him make fun of her weight. Chandler gets mad at Monica about it at the current Thanksgiving, but she cheers him up by placing a turkey on her head and shimmying.

Season 5's "The One With All The Thanksgivings" reminds me of the air signs, because no matter how emotional they're feeling, those born under Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius can somehow squeeze the comedy and logic out of everything. The element air revolves around the mind, communication, and socializing. Ever wonder why the air signs are so clever and witty? Now you know.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces): “The One With The Football”

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Home is where the heart is, especially during the holiday season. In this episode, Monica and Ross get nostalgic about their childhood. The hysterical siblings used to play football on Thanksgiving when they were kids, but weren't allowed to after Monica "accidentally" broke Ross' nose during Geller Bowl VI. Naturally, this inspired them to compete in a football game as adults, with their pals... which ended with Monica and Ross fighting over the ball, of course.

Season 3's "The One With The Football" reminds me of the water signs, because those born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces are typically nostalgic at heart. Water is a symbol of emotion, intuition, and universal compassion. This, of course, made me think of Monica and Ross' sibling love, which is right up Cancer's alley, along with the emotional bond the Friends crew creates over time.