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Here's The 'New Girl' Character You Are, Based On Your Sign

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If you're someone who fell in love with New Girl when it originally aired, or while marathoning it on Netflix the past few months, join the club. This quirky comedy developed an effortless fan base right from the beginning, with its audience easily relating to one (if not more) of the characters. Whether you're a sensitive caregiver like Jess, or an energetic go-getter like Schmidt, there's definitely someone in the show you can connect with on a spiritual level. The variety of different characters you grew to love brilliantly coincide with each of the 12 zodiac signs, so if you're wondering which New Girl character you are, based on your zodiac sign, look no further.

What stands out the most about the characters in New Girl is how well they all get along, despite their personal differences. Throughout the series, they formed a tight-knit family, and it's a reminder that no matter how different you may be, you don't have to navigate the ups and downs of life alone. With astrology, a similar theme is echoed. Whether you're a fixed water sign or a cardinal air sign, you can still find a family in those around you — even if you're a naïve elementary school teacher moving in with three rowdy guys after a sudden breakup. As you watched Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece grow and evolve over seven seasons, you likely did some growing of your own.

If you're curious to discover which roommate or other fave from the Fox series best embodies your qualities, here's the New Girl character you are, based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: You're Schmidt

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Referring to himself as the "top dog" of the loft, Schmidt's assertive and outgoing nature perfectly aligns with the first sign of the zodiac. Like Schmidt, you inspire everyone around you with your energy and enthusiasm. Your excitement for life is something that sets you apart, and people can easily notice when you're not around. Your quick decision-making is essentially your gut feeling telling you that something isn't right, even if it comes off as a little impulsive at times. You love your friends and family fiercely, and will do whatever it takes to ensure the well-being of your crew.

Taurus: You're Cece

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Trustworthy and loyal, Cece is hands down the best friend anyone could ask for. She's reliable and prioritizes consistency in her life, making her the most reliable character out of the whole gang. As a fixed earth sign, you prefer a calm and quiet environment, but you don't shy away from standing up for yourself or your friends when necessary. As a creative individual, some may not consider you quick to anger, but you know when to put your foot down. In relationships, you look for a traditional love story that provides romance and safety.

Gemini: You're Winston

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Being the Mercury-ruled air sign of the zodiac, you can pretty much talk your way out of anything. Your charm and wit wins people over effortlessly, and you don't struggle to make friends, just like Winston. Struggling to get readjusted in the U.S. after spending two years overseas, Winston still somehow manages to talk his friends into letting him have the biggest room in the loft, and ends up with a talk show near the end of the show's run. Like you, Winston's great with words and, despite some setbacks, learned how to use his intelligence to his benefit.

Cancer: You're Sam

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As the nurturing caregiver of the zodiac, you're sometimes a bit more sensitive than you like to let on. Like Sam, you like to protect your heart, especially if it's been broken before. Your soft side is hidden under your tough shell (this is the sign of the crab, after all), and you prefer to open up to others slowly and cautiously. Despite the romantic ups and downs Sam and Jess endured throughout the series, his job as a pediatrician and his love for Jess all tie back to the cardinal water sign of Cancer.

Leo: You're Ferguson

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As the feline of the zodiac, your personality is bold and unapologetic. You tend to capture the attention of everyone you meet, just like Ferguson. Being ruled by the sun, you are someone who shines your bright light on everyone you come in contact with, and your warmth is infectious. Honoring your heart is your top priority, and you're happiest when you get to do things your own way.

Virgo: You're Nick

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As the logical friend of the group, Nick fits the Virgo archetype perfectly. He's quick to help his friends solve problems (when he's in the mood) and oftentimes can put his own problems on hold to be there for the people he cares about. As a Virgo, you've got a good head on your shoulders, and can offer a grounded voice of reason in any situation. While you can be a little hard on yourself, you soften when it comes to seeing the people you care about in difficult situations.

Libra: You're Reagan

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Social and relatable, you prioritize your social life and your relationships over all else. As the Venus-ruled air sign of the zodiac, your connections are a top priority in your life, just like Reagan's. While you prioritize romance, it can be difficult at times to form deep connections, especially after you've been scarred in the past. When you allow yourself to open up to love, you truly flourish and can build incredible bonds with everyone around you.

Scorpio: You're Aly

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Determined to succeed, you're someone who doesn't let too many people distract you from your main objective. Like Aly, you tend to keep your cards close to your chest, and it can take some time for you to open up. Once you've tested the waters, you're open to sharing your heart, as long as you feel safe to do so. Your ambitious nature speaks to being ruled by Mars, and you like to use your ambitious nature to get to the bottom of things. In your profession, you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, and your bravery sets you apart from all the rest.

Sagittarius: You're Abby

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Always searching for the next adventure, you are someone who likes to journey through life without a destination in mind, because the journey is way more exciting. Like Abby, you enjoy going with the flow, and your optimistic attitude shields you from being too disappointed when plans change. Your adaptable nature keeps you on the go, and you tend to get bored if you're feeling limited. Your freedom-loving nature makes you a wonderful companion, and you have so much to teach and share with others.

Capricorn: You're Coach

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As the firm and enterprising roommate, Coach prioritizes work and resourcefulness over everything. Like you, he's determined to succeed, and he's at his best when he's working toward a goal. Your desire to make everyone's life a little easier speaks to your earth sign nature, and your loved ones always know they can count on you. Since you're always striving for greatness, it's important to remember to allow yourself to let loose and have some fun. Work hard, play hard.

Aquarius: You're Paul

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Quirky and unconventional, Paul's qualities align perfectly with your Aquarian nature. You're unafraid to be your authentic self, and those around you cherish you for that. You stand firm in your belief systems, despite what other people may think, and you love connecting with people who share similar thoughts and opinions as you.

Pisces: You're Jess

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As the sensitive and intuitive sign of the zodiac, your characteristics align perfectly with Jess'. She's kindhearted and ultimately wants the best for everyone around her, even if she at times is taken for granted. Your sole mission in life is to help those who are less fortunate, and your warmhearted nature is what makes you stand out. Your ability to instinctively place yourself in anyone's shoes, despite their different backgrounds, is one of the things people cherish the most about you.

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