New Girl Nick & Jess in photo booth

These 'New Girl' Quotes For V-Day Will Sweeten Up Your Couples' Pics

It would be difficult to describe New Girl in just one word. The adorable loft crew in Fox's hit show has you swooning when you aren't LOLing. In fact, every relationship in the show is #CoupleGoals, from Jess and Nick to Schmidt and Cece, which is why some New Girl quotes for Valentine's Day captions would make a big hit on your Insta feed this Feb. 14.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you want to plan a date your partner will always remember. If you both love watching New Girl on Netflix, you could surprise them with a little love, inspired by some of your favorite episodes. Enjoy a homemade breakfast together, just like Nick and Jess. Or, take a cue from the New Girl characters and build a blanket fort in your living room to watch a romantic movie in, like Dirty Dancing. Caption your cuddling selfie beneath the blankets in your fort with a romantic New Girl quote like Cece's line, "It's kind of stupid how much I'm in love with you."

Instead of giving your partner traditional candy hearts and teddy bears, surprise them with an assortment of flowers like Schmidt did for Cece. Or, put together a video of your favorite memories, just like when Nick made a video for Jess' birthday. Post that adorable vid on the 'gram with Jess' line, "I'm just all in," or choose from any of these 22 New Girl quotes to sweeten up your feed.


1. "I look forward to a lifetime of joy, growth, and constant mispronunciation of common words." — Cece

2. "For the first time, I see what the rest of my life looks like." — Schmidt

3. "It's kind of stupid how much I'm in love with you." — Cece

4. "Hey, you want to split that pasta from last night?" — Winston

5. "I'm sorry for this, but I like you." — Cece

6. "You have kind eyes." — Aly

7. "This is cool. We got a good vibe going, man." — Schmidt

8. "Why do you smell so good?" — Jess

9. "I'm just all in." — Jess

10. "I want to be with you alone, without anybody else." — Nick

11. "Your hair in the moonlight, it looks so shiny." — Schmidt


12. "I think you are fine as is." — Cece

13. "I've never been more sure of anything." — Aly

14. "If you’re gonna do something that’s obviously very stupid, then I’m gonna do it with you." — Nick

15. "You like me. You like my personality." — Schmidt

16. "I fell in love with Jess the minute she walked through the door." — Nick

17. "I wanted you to feel special tonight, because I'm wild about you." — Winston

18. "It was like a damn fairytale, that kiss! It was the kiss of your life!" — Nick

19. "In the moonlight, your eyes, they sparkle like fish eyes." — Schmidt

20. "I have been in love with you for so long." — Schmidt

21. "Girl, you are under arrest for taking my breath away." — Winston

22. "Every day with you is so much better." — Winston