7 Best Moments From 'New Girl' That Make Us Miss Our Roomies


Life would be so boring without our roommates. They keep us company when we're making breakfast, and teach us new and much-needed life skills -- how to do laundry, brew the perfect sangria, or use a ruler (That was quite a guy's night, huh?). They know all of our weirdest quirks and habits, like how we love to wear kimonos and own a pair of driving moccasins. But most importantly, they support our wildest dreams (aka, writing zombie novels and being the school principal). Oh yes, we miss our roomies, and the best moments from New Girl remind us why we need to get back to school ASAP.

Winter break means a lot of time away from the stress of studying. You get to hang out with your family and friends from home, and put away the planner for at least a little while. But nothing truly beats hanging with your roomies on Saturday, despite the fact that they're meant for sleeping. Right, Winston?

Your roomies are kind of like your rock. After a long day, there's nothing a round of True American can't fix. You're happy they're there to help navigate your trickiest of dating scenarios, and order crepe pans off of the television with you. The amount of inside jokes you have together are endless. Here are seven times New Girl made us miss making memories with our roommates.

When They Play True American


OK, asking for a friend here. Does anybody truly know the official rules to True American yet? This legendary game designed by our favorite loftmates is part Candy Land, and part drinking game. All the beers go in the center and surround the "king," or a bottle of some kind of hard liquor. Throughout the game, there are mini games. Players have to throw numbers on their forehead or shout answers to trivia questions. Oh, and don't forget -- the floor is lava.

The night is bound to be wild if the gang decides to play a round of True American. Sometimes strangers get thrown into the mix, but somehow they pick it up pretty quick. True American reminds us of our roomies on any given night out or cozy night in. Where it might not always get this wild, Saturday morning is always spent recapping the memories made the night before.

When There's A Classic Cece And Winston Mess-Around

Cece and Winston are one of our favorite friendships in the New Girl gang. They always have each other's back for the silliest of pranks and craziest of ideas. Who needs Jess when there's Cece to take care of her boys?

This dynamic duo is our roomies any time there's a situation that needs to be solved. Our roommates are some of our best friends, and therefore, can be our biggest support system. Whether it's staying up for a study sesh, or tackling grocery shopping as a team, we can always count on the people we live with to lend a helping hand.

When Nick Finally Finishes His Zombie Novel

Slow and steady wins the race. The episode where Nick finally finished his zombie novel was a moment we could all be a little proud. Yeah, it wasn't perfect, but he can recite it from memory -- so, that's got to be something. The gang holds Nick to his word, making him finish a project he so often talks about. Living your dreams isn't too difficult, but getting started on them always is.

We love our roommates for pushing us into our passions and holding us to our word. They're our study buddies when finals week comes around, our editors when we have a big research paper due, and the pizza providers when we need to celebrate afterwards.

When It's Jess And Winston's Time Of The Month

When you live with someone, you tend to pick up on their mannerisms, schedule, and lifestyle. You might start saying lingo that you don't even understand, or trying foods you never thought you'd like. Last year, I had a roommate who loved kombucha and curd. Who would've thought I'd ever be interested in trying something that's primarily made of bacteria? No thanks, but thanks.

You start to feel so in sync with the people you surround yourself with, and it makes that time of the month so much better and also so much worse. Jess and Winston dealing with their menzies is all of us when our schedule syncs with our roommates. You're oh-so moody and love to have a period pal to complain with, but when the sympathy gets to be too strong, you're ready to ditch your soul sister for some soft pretzels enjoyed solo.

When They Host Thanksgiving

Every sitcom has its Thanksgiving episodes, but our crew likes to get creative. From Bang-sgiving, hosting Jess's family, and that time when they hunted for their meal in the woods, they've really never had a Turkey Day that wasn't a total experience.

Friendsgiving is one of the most sacred holidays to have as roommates, quickly followed by Galentine's Day. It's that time of the year when you put your cooking skills and Pinterest boards to the test.

When Schmidt Teaches Jess How To Dice

Nobody should ever online date alone. Schmidt teaching Jess how to dice reminds us of our roommates any time Tinder or Bumble come into the mix. They teach us how to build the proper profile, and when to swipe left or right. They know what pictures make us look like our best selves.

If we learned anything from this New Girl episode, it's to proceed into the search for love with caution, but also with an open mind.

When Jess Decides To Move Out Of The Loft

Moving out is something you should never joke about. We love our roommates, and the thought of loosing any one of them isn't just sad -- it's straight-up concerning.

When Jess was considering moving out of the loft because of Nick, the whole gang was in distress. Where would she go? Who would she hang out with?

Your roomies quickly become your besties, and filling that void is never an easy or perfect feat. They already miss you a million when you're on winter break, so anything even a little bit longer would be too much to bear.