Daphne and Simon from 'Bridgerton' look into each other's eyes and dance at a lavish ball.

24 Romantic 'Bridgerton' Quotes For V-Day When You're Burning For Bae

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Raise your hand if you have heart eyes for Bridgerton's Simon Basset. In fact, crushing on the Duke of Hastings in this popular Netflix series may have taught you the art of swooning, and you can’t refrain from doing so while enjoying every scene he’s in. If you have a Simon to your Daphne IRL, you might want to use these romantic Bridgerton quotes for Valentine's Day captions to post with your own swoon-worthy pics.

Leave it to the ton to inspire creative plans for Valentine's Day. You can enjoy a Bridgerton-themed evening with your sweetheart and prepare a candlelit dinner. If you want to add an extra special touch, dress up like your favorite characters and dance around the living room to classical versions of your favorite pop songs. It will be a fun opportunity to capture unique selfies to post on the 'gram, and pair them with romantic Bridgerton quotes from the series for V-Day captions.

Consider snapping a pic while gazing into each other's eyes and caption it with Simon’s line, "I have always been yours." Or, share a kiss with your SO in front of a fireplace or bookcase, and post a picture with Daphne’s iconic line, “I burn for you.” Whether you're posting a new pic from your special day or a throwback pic from a previous V-Day together, you can use any of these 24 romantic Bridgerton quotes to show your partner and feed some love.


1. "You see, your majesty, it was love at first sight." — Daphne

2. "You wanted a love match." — Simon

3. "Stay with me today." — Siena

4. "I am to escort Miss Featherington to the floor." — Colin

5. "Me, unavailable. You, desirable." — Simon

6. "Her laughter brings me joy." — Simon

7. "I love all of you." — Daphne

8. "My thoughts of you never end." — Simon

9. "One finds oneself in such an incredible position, and, well, one should declare it... assuredly, fervently, loudly." — Penelope

10. "Stare into my eyes." — Simon

11. "We chose to love each other, every single day." — Lady Violet

12. "We simply enjoyed each other's company so much, we could not stay away from one another." — Simon


13. "With you on my arm..." — Simon

14. "To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart." — Simon

15. "I have always been yours." — Simon

16. "You can choose to love me as much as I love you." — Daphne

17. "He does not wish for me to change, and neither do I." — Siena

18. "It is you I cannot sacrifice." — Daphne

19. "I will always protect you." — Anthony

20. "I burn for you." — Daphne

21. "Every scar, every flaw, every imperfection... I love you." — Daphne

22. You missed the most remarkable coup of the season." — Lady Whistledown

23. "I've finally found my duchess." — Simon

24. "If this is to work, we must appear madly in love." — Simon

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