Simon and Daphne look at each other whole attending a ball in 'Bridgerton'.

28 'Bridgerton' Quotes For Captions That Are Totally Something To Gossip About


Netflix really delivered the best Christmas present this year with a brand new series that had you hooked from start to finish. Bridgerton's characters are beyond intriguing and never fail to give us something to gossip about. The relationships, scandals, and 1800s fashion are also top notch, but it's the Bridgerton quotes for Instagram captions that you can use that'll create major buzz on your own feed.

With just eight episodes, it's easy to watch the first season in one weekend. You might even have time for a rewatch if you didn't catch every Bridgerton easter egg or you just wanted to watch again after the Lady Whistledown reveal. Whatever the case may be, strike your own regal pose and snap a selfie to post with your favorite quote from Bridgerton.

Despite Bridgerton taking place in London during the Regency Era, you might still find yourself relating to the characters. That means you can insert a romantic quote from Simon or Daphne for a picture of you and your partner, or a line from Lady Whistledown to spice up your daily #OOTD post. Model an empire waist dress from your closet like you're preparing for a ball, or capture a group pic of your housemates sippin' and spilling the afternoon tea.

Unlike the ladies of Bridgerton who eagerly search for the right suitor, you don't have to search very far for the right caption. Whatever your picture-perfect moment may be, here are 28 Bridgerton quotes to choose from when you're in need of just the right caption.


1. "Do it. Be bold." Eloise Bridgerton

2. "We must continue our ruse until I've found my match." Daphne Bridgerton

3. "Me, unavailable; you, desirable." — Simon Basset

4. "You do not know me, but I know you." — Lady Whistledown

5. "You have no idea what it is to have one's entire life reduced to a single moment." — Daphne Bridgerton

6. "Is this not lovely? All of us together again." — Lady Violet Bridgerton

7. "An expert in the art of the swoon." Lady Whistledown

8. "I wish to be entertained." — Queen Charlotte

9. "Not everyone has fallen victim to the royal fever sweeping through London." — Lady Whistledown

10. "It would be better if you refrain from thinking about me at all." — Daphne Bridgerton

11. "Lovely indeed. We should tempt scandal more often." — Colin Bridgerton

12. "The social season is upon us." — Lady Whistledown

13. "It is more than just your honor at stake." — Anthony Bridgerton

14. "I write in my diary which is not the same as writing in my novel." — Eloise Bridgerton


15. "Lady Whistledown has all but declared me ineligible." — Daphne Bridgerton

16. "A pairing like that, well, would certainly be most enchanting indeed." — Queen Charlotte

17. "Which young ladies might succeed at securing a match?" — Lady Whistledown

18. "The season's diamond, even more precious and rare a stone than previously thought?" — Lady Whistledown

19. "Stare into my eyes." — Simon Basset

20. "Is it awful that I'm enjoying it?" — Daphne Bridgerton

21. "If you desire the sun and the moon, all you have to do is go out and shoot at the sky." Eloise Bridgerton

22. "We could pretend to form an attachment." — Simon Basset

23. "Dear reader, if there is a scandal, I shall uncover it." — Lady Whistledown

24. "Must our only options be to squawk and settle or to never leave the nest?" — Eloise Bridgerton

25. "All is fair in love and war." — Lady Whistledown

26. "There is nothing you cannot do." — Lady Violet Bridgerton

27. "If this is to work, we must appear madly in love." — Simon Basset

28. "I'm aware of your reputation." — Daphne Bridgerton