The Busiest Day For Online Dating Is This Sunday, So Get Ready

By Genevieve Wheeler

With mistletoe, holiday parties, and midnight kisses behind us, you're probably thinking the chance for winter romance and hopes of snagging a cuffing season companion are done and gone. But hold the phone, you guys — the busiest day for online dating is actually this Sunday, Jan. 7, so get freaking ready.

According to online dating platforms like and Plenty of Fish, usage is expected to reach record highs on Jan. 7 — appropriately dubbed "Dating Sunday" — with new users spiking by 42 percent right around 9 p.m. (well, at 8:55 p.m. EST, to be exact). It's like the full moon of the dating world, but with singles instead of werewolves.

From now until Feb. 14, more than one million dates will likely spring from online dating platforms, and it makes total sense. Whether you're hoping to find a serious relationship, trying to get a kick start on locking down a valentine, or just aiming to put yourself out there more in 2018, the first weekend of the year is undoubtedly the best time to start swiping away and looking for love (or lust, or pizza).

Here are five ways to make the most of this dating phenomenon and kick the new year off on a romantic note.


Send the first message.


With usage at an all time high, now is definitely not the time to be shy or coy. You've got to make yourself stand out from the crowd of singles, so don't be afraid to break the ice and send the first message. Before diving into the deep questions (can you imagine how many people will be asking what your resolution is? Like, a million), try breaking the ice with a joke or hilarious pick-up line. Your matches will be totally impressed by your confidence and sense of humor — I just know it.

Swipe right (like, a lot).


It's simple: the more often you swipe right, the more matches you'll get, and the more likely you are to hit it off with at least one person. Don't feel like you've got to swipe right on everyone, but don't write off all potential matches who have a few too many mirror selfies or lack a super clever bio. Maybe this is the year to branch out and try dating someone who's not at all your type.

Update your photos.


New year, new you, new dating profile pics. Ditch the four-year-old photos from college parties and add some pictures that a.) actually look like you and b.) speak to your personality. If you're looking for a travel buddy or hoping stay active in 2018, throw in some photos from your favorite vacay spots or the marathon last year. With everyone swiping away, try to give potential matches a sense of who you are right off the bat. Oh, and dog pics never hurt.

Go for the upgrade.


If you're serious about taking advantage of Dating Sunday, I'd recommend splurging on a dating app upgrade, like Tinder Gold. Unlimited likes, five Super Likes, the chance to see who's liked you before you've even started swiping? You'll basically be dating app royalty. Those who tested the feature saw a 60 percent increase in matches, so it really does work!

Talk about guac.


Nope, that's not a euphemism or some weird sex move you've never heard of — talking about guacamole is apparently the key to starting convos and making connections on dating apps (according to one app, profiles that mentioned guac got 144 percent more matches than those that didn't). So, why not see if your matches are down to grab Chipotle?

If your New Year's resolution involves meeting a gorgeous stranger, go forth and swipe! This Sunday is your time to shine.

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