Lifestyle — A New Year's Resolution For Every Zodiac Sign
by Rosey Baker and Roya Backlund
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Look, New Year's Eve is filled with so many expectations, it could make your head spin. The only good part of this holiday is it offers you the chance to start over. Truthfully, you could start over any day, but New Year's Day has that special ring to it — it just feels newer. (Probably has something to do with the name.) Astrologers flock to the internet to give their predictions about what the new year has in store for every sign, but I believe astrology is better used as a tool for understanding yourself. That way, your future is in your hands, rather than in the hands of the stars. Every zodiac sign will have opportunities that are both positive and challenging. Based on those opportunities, I'm here to offer you a New Year's resolution for every zodiac sign, because why shouldn't you start off 2020 on the right foot?

This is the year Saturn — planet of karma, restrictions, and trials — enters worldly and humanitarian Aquarius. Making the transition on Mar. 21, this transit shifts the focus from working toward your own personal success to making this world a better place for everyone. Saturn in Aquarius is about working together, helping one another, and maintaining your belief in a better tomorrow. If you're willing to set aside your ego and elevate the voices of those who are left unheard, 2020 will unfold like magic.

Aries: Set A Positive Example

Your passion is intense, Aries. The way you go after what you want is a beautiful thing. It’s why no one doubts you when you set your mind on something. Sometimes, you’re even willing to set aside your values for the sake of your ambitions, but this always leaves you feeling hollow later on. Instead, remain loyal to your vision for a better world. Winning isn’t what’s important; being a team player is. Share that passion with others and it will give you a deeper sense of accomplishment than winning ever could.

Taurus: Just Do It

It's one of the best marketing slogans ever written, and the reason I chose it for you, Taurus, is because you're so damn set in your ways that you tend to wait for the motivation to kick in before taking a step in the right direction. The truth is, if you move a muscle, you can change your thoughts. So, instead of waiting until you feel like doing something, this will be the year that you do something regardless of whether you feel like it, as long as it's something that makes sense for you.


Gemini: Explore New Opportunities

You’re a fast learner, Gemini. In fact, you probably pride yourself in your talents that always come to you so naturally. Unfortunately, you tend to enjoy being a big fish in a small pond, and this expectation that you’ll always find a shortcut to success can prevent you from trying something that intimidates you. In 2020, you should make a point of starting projects that are completely outside your wheelhouse. Even if you totally suck at it and feel embarrassed to even attempt it, power through the pain anyway. You’ll grow so much in the process.

Cancer: Learn To Be Your Own Parent

Cancer, you're a sensitive sign, ruled by the moon, and moody AF. When things go wrong, you tend to drop to your knees and yell, "WHY ME?" as though the universe is conspiring against you. I would suggest that you stop seeking comfort outside yourself in 2020. You should try to do this with compassion for all you've been through and all you have to look forward to, now that you're no longer depending on anyone but yourself for support. Relying on others will always have strings attached. Are those strings worth it?

Leo: Forge Healthy Relationships

You’re leaving toxic relationship patterns behind, Leo. You’re incredibly loyal and committed once you decide to love someone. Some might even say you’re loyal to a fault, as you have a tendency to stay in a relationship that has long surpassed its expiration date. Spend 2020 settling for nothing less than what you deserve, and forgiving yourself for relationships that couldn’t be saved. Only truly worthwhile people should be lucky enough to hold space in your heart.

Virgo: Let Go Of Resolutions

Virgos are always so busy refining and fine-tuning themselves that my best suggestion would be to put down your toolbox and see what happens if you just stop with the constant critiquing. At a certain point, it can sabotage your own sanity. I was about to suggest that you try to stop offering criticism to others so much, but since you spend so much time criticizing yourself, you honestly think you're being helpful. It would be interesting to see what happens to your interpersonal relationships when you really let go of this habit. You might find they go a lot more smoothly.

Libra: Find Beauty In Imperfection

You expect everything to be perfect or not at all, Libra. You have a natural penchant for beauty, but you forget that it is through acceptance and non-judgment that beauty flows. If you put too much pressure on yourself to get it right the first time, you stop yourself before you’ve even started. Allow yourself to create without being so critical of your creations. There will always be space for critiques later on. Art does not thrive in a negative environment. It desires light, love, and openness.


Scorpio: Create A Beautiful Home

You’re so steadfast in your vision that you often forget to consider other perspectives, Scorpio. Your home might be a prison of your own creation if you refuse to embrace change. Spend 2020 nurturing the home life that you deserve. Whether it’s by forming organizational habits, redesigning, reconnecting with your family, or moving into a new space, 2020 is the year you have a home that radiates your energy. You are an incredibly transformative zodiac sign, so you can turn a shadow into the brightest light.

Sagittarius: Learn From Others

You light up a room when you enter it, Sagittarius. The way you can talk about anything and engage with anyone is charisma at its finest. While everyone learns an awful lot from you, it’s easy for you to forget that you can (and should) also learn from others. Spend 2020 learning when to listen instead of speak. And don’t just wait for your turn to speak; really listen and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You’ll be surprised by how your own perspective can change when you allow yourself to be truly impacted by someone else’s perspective.

Capricorn: Change Your Attitude About Abundance

Capricorn, you are a sign that is so concerned with money that you often fail to see how abundance reveals itself in so many other ways. In truth, money is just one way that abundance shows up in your life. It also shows itself in small kindnesses extended to you, in the talents you've been given and in the experiences you grab ahold of. My advice to Capricorns is to acknowledge that abundance and to see how much richer you feel, regardless of what's in your bank account. If anything, this will release some of the power your beliefs about money have over you.

Aquarius: Speak Your Truth

You’re a community-oriented zodiac sign, Aquarius. You always prefer to place the needs of others before yourself and do what’s best for the collective. However, this can come at the cost of your own authenticity. You don’t always have to do what you think is right. Sometimes, you should do what you feel like doing and declare what you truly feel. Even if it creates friction or challenges the status quo, the collective needs people who stand out. Don’t be afraid of doing something that puts you at odds with others.

Pisces: Overcome Your Fears

Pisces, you're a very spiritual sign, and you have a greater than average ability to change your reality using the power of your mind because you understand the power that beliefs have in creating reality. Use that power to attract whatever it is you prefer this year without judging the alternative. In other words, when something happens that you don't like, instead of saying, "That's awful!" you can choose to remain neutral about it. That will keep your positivity going all year long. Remember, failure only happens when you've given up on a certain intention. As long as you maintain your intentions, you haven't failed. You're just enjoying the ride.

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