There's so much pressure to couple up during the holidays.

This New Year's Eve Will Be So Romantic For These 3 Zodiac Signs


The holiday of love is supposed to be Valentine's Day, and yet, New Year's Eve is just so much more magical. Seriously, is there anything more romantic than sharing a kiss with the person you love more than anything in the world at the stroke of midnight? Or making sure a kiss is the way you start your new year? While there's plenty of love to go around, New Year's Eve 2019 will be the most romantic for these zodiac signs — Leo, Libra, and Aquarius — and if you made the cut, you've got fireworks to look forward to.

With the sun forming a conjunction to Jupiter, the vibes are bright, bangin', and beautiful. If you were looking for an excuse, this is the New Year's to go all out, so if you've got romance on your mind, make it happen. The moon will be in magical and transcendent Pisces, transporting you to another reality. Everyone knows the reason romance is so enticing is that it makes everyday life so much more interesting. If you've got a crush, prepare for your feelings to become more intense. If you're in the mood to flirt, everyone will be more susceptible to your charms. The moon is also forming a sextile to dark and passionate Pluto, putting a tantalizing spin on your love life and making you crave it all the more. With Venus in friendly and eccentric Aquarius, you may find that you're being drawn to someone you're not normally attracted to. You might even discover you have feelings for someone you never gave a second glance.

This NYE has a fateful aura surrounding it, because it takes place right in the center of a life-altering eclipse season. Your New Year's kiss might last a whole lot longer than one night.


Leo: You Might Just Spend The Night With Your Special Someone

You're in the mood to couple up and seal the deal this New Year's Eve, Leo. With Venus in your seventh house of partnership, you'll want to spend this evening with your special someone and make it incredibly meaningful. Because the moon will be in your passionate and sexual eighth house, you'll want to cozy up and possibly even get hot 'n' heavy with someone on your mind. If you're single, you're most certainly ready to mingle, and you're probably not looking for some no-strings-attached fun either.

Libra: You're Feeling So Romantic And Passionate About Love

You've got heart-eyes, Libra, and this is one ridiculously romantic New Year's Eve for you. Venus is in your fifth house of pleasure and romance, making you an expert flirt, the sexiest dancer, and 100 percent in the mood to turn up the charm. Cupid might as well lend you his bow and arrow, because love will follow you around all night long. If you're taken, you should do something super fun together and have a night you'll never forget. If you're single, you should enjoy it, because you'll have so many options.

Aquarius: You're Unbelievably Attractive And In The Mood To Flirt

Who's the hottest person at the New Year's Eve party? You are, Aquarius. Venus is in your first house of the self, showering all her gifts of beauty and abundance directly upon you. Feel free to wear your glitziest dress, bat your eyelashes, and ask someone out, lest you be asked out first. You'll probably have plenty of suitors to choose from because right now, you are everyone's crush. Your SO will probably be waiting on you hand and foot. No SO? No problem. Being surrounded by admirers — both platonic and romantic — is just as beautiful of a feeling, if not better.