Positive woman holding champagne glass and sparkler, confetti falling down

Your New Year's Eve Horoscope Is Here & It's Magical


There's nothing more enchanting than a perfectly executed New Year's Eve moment. The champagne is flowing, your friends are counting down to midnight, fireworks burst through the sky, and someone gorgeous may even leave you with a kiss. When the clock strikes 12, it's as if time stands still, even though it's suddenly become a brand-new year. All this cinematic romance certainly sets the bar high. That's why NYE is just as famous for magic as it is for disappointment. I don't know about you, but I never settle for less, and your New Year's Eve 2019 horoscope proves you don't have to either.

This NYE, the sun in audacious and ambitious Capricorn forms a conjunction with larger-than-life Jupiter. Are you ready to party? Because the cosmos certainly are. When Jupiter is concerned, there's no room for toning things down or keeping things simple. Jupiter believes that bigger is better, so you might as well get in the spirit and shower the good vibes like confetti. But this New Year's Even isn't all style and no substance. The moon will be in imaginative and empathetic Pisces, encouraging kindness, love, friendship, and creativity. Even if you're not a big believer in magic, a Pisces moon tends to make the impossible seem possible. As the moon forms a conjunction with dreamy Neptune, it's time to throw doubt and logic out the window. Dig deep into your heart and connect with something that means a lot to you.

You're on the precipice of major change this New Year's Eve. Not only is it the start of another decade, it's right in the middle of eclipse season, making this a time of unsteady and abrupt change. You may even feel as though you're being pulled toward your ultimate destiny, whether you like it or not. There's no reason to feel alone with all this drama. Everyone is feeling the shift, so get out there and feel it together.



You're feeling dreamy and mystical this NYE. Do something spiritual and some soul-searching to celebrate. Even if you're living the high life and celebrating in style, find a moment of solitude. Your intuition is telling you everything you need to know.


You'll want to be surrounded by all sorts of interesting people this NYE. Whether you're getting together with all your loved ones or introducing yourself to new friends, it's time to bring your community together and create something powerful.


You're shining bright as a diamond and everyone is acknowledging what a fierce presence you are. Do something that gets your name out there or puts you on stage this NYE. You're attracting all sorts of positive attention wherever you go.


This NYE, you should let the spirit of the night take you somewhere beautiful and unexpected. An adventure is dazzling before you, so go where the wind takes you, and stay open-minded about how you spend the last night of the year.



You're in the mood to get hot and heavy this NYE. This NYE kiss may be the sexiest one yet, so get your game on. Whether you're on a hot date with your SO, or you're on the prowl for a new crush, chances are high you'll be satisfied.


Spend this NYE with someone you really and truly love. It may be the perfect night for a hot date with your soulmate, or a beautiful evening with your best friend as you talk about all your hopes and dreams. It's that special someone who's on your mind.


You have the power to really get in touch with your New Year's resolutions. Don't just think about the end goal. Instead, set small goals you can accomplish little by little. Before you know it, you'll be right at the finish line.


No matter what happens this NYE, you better make sure you're letting loose and having fun. If it means going wild on the dance floor, flirting with that cutie you're eyeing across the room, or popping bottles of champagne, you better do it. You run this show.



You may be in the mood for something wholesome, peaceful, and relaxing this NYE. Why not cozy up at home with your cat, a few loved ones, and make it a pajama party? Whatever you do, make sure you feel comfortable.


You'll want to talk up a storm this NYE. Introduce yourself to some new people, set your social butterfly free from that cage, and get connected. You may just meet someone who rocks your world and you'll be so impressed with your conversational wits.


Make this NYE a luxurious one. Go all out with a fancy dinner, craft cocktails, and a party that reflects what a gem you are. This is the year you'll want to make damn sure you're dressed to the nines. Feel free to be as bougie as you please.


You're feeling so connected to your truth this NYE. You have the power to shape this night however you see fit. Feel like going all out? Do it. Feel like taking a night to yourself and reflecting on the past year? You can do that too.