A group of friends celebrate New Year's Eve outside with sparklers and confetti.

New Year's Eve Will Be Extra Lit For These Signs, So It's Time To Celebrate


New Year's Eve is almost here, which means you better be prepared to ring in the end of the decade and celebrate the start of a brand-new chapter. It's a time to honor how far you've come over the past year and recognize how precious each moment truly is. Even though everyone will feel the magic as they count down to 2020, New Year's Eve 2019 will be the best for these zodiac signs — Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces — so if you made the cut, prepare for a night you'll never forget.

New Year's Eve is about being loud, over the top, and enthusiastic about life. Because the sun will be in conjunction with expressive and extravagant Jupiter, this New Year's Eve will certainly live up to the hype. The moon will also be in Jupiter-ruled Pisces, upping the magic and enchantment. When the moon is in Pisces, the vibes are imaginative, empathetic, and adventurous. Considering how this moon will also be in conjunction with Neptune — planet of escapism and dreams — it's clear this New Year's Eve is all about suspending disbelief and partaking in something larger-than-life.

With Venus — planet of love and luxury — in sociable and eccentric Aquarius, this is a NYE you'll want to spend among all your friends and family. You may even feel like busting out your edgiest outfit (Aquarius is all about going against the grain). Even though Aquarius may not be the most touchy-feely zodiac sign, sexual Mars is at home in seductive and intimate Scorpio. This ups the romantic tension and encourages you to really get to know someone. Maybe that New Year's kiss will extend into the early hours of 2020. Who knows? *wink*


Capricorn: You're Feeling Bright, Optimistic, And Powerful

If you feel like being the biggest and boldest version of yourself this NYE, don't fight it. You're in touch with who you are, confident that you are loved, and open to all the growth to come. It's time to indulge in the many splendors being offered to you. This is a New Year's Eve to do something spectacular, so do yourself a favor and embody the meaning of being totally "extra" and ridiculous. If you embrace being the life of the party, everyone else will follow suit. Don't hold back.

Aquarius: You're In The Most Lovable And Sociable Mood

This NYE, you're not going to the party. Instead, the party is coming to you, so go all out. Doll yourself up, flirt with whomever catches your eye, and surround yourself with people who love you. This New Year's Eve, you deserve to be adored, and with Venus in your first house, there's no way you won't be. Treat yourself like royalty, because you are being reminded of every reason why you're so awesome at every turn. Who knows? You might just fall in love this NYE, and the person you're falling in love with is yourself.

Pisces: Your Intuition Is On Point And Your Heart Is Full

It's no secret that emotions are high on New Year's Eve. After all, you've just conquered an entire year and you're probably in a different place than you were 365 days ago. Allow yourself to take it all in and feel the beauty of that shift. Whether you spent the year surviving or thriving, you learned so much and grew in the process. This NYE, you might be feeling so emotional, grateful, and in tune with how incredible it is to be alive. The moon is in Pisces and you're feeling its magic.