21 Sexy Opening Lines To Send On Tinder When You Just Wanna Hook Up

Ah, Tinder: a digital, carpal-tunnel-inducing wonderland where true love, hookups, or even a bit of both can be found just swipes apart. Cheers for you if you're leaning more toward the hookup life and aren't afraid to admit it. A queen who owns their sexuality and remains unbothered in the face of hookup stigmas? Love to see it! So, you've been struck by bad b*tch energy, have already (re)downloaded Tinder, and scooped up some condoms/dental dams. Now what? Next, you're going to need some sexy opening lines to send on Tinder to set the tone from the get-go.

It's tricky, because you want to be straightforward and direct about your desires, and that's super admirable. But you'll also want to make sure you're play it cool and coy, as opposed to crude. The main thing you'll want to do is read the room, so to speak. Take the temperature of their Tinder bio. That is to say: Does their bio say something to the effect of "I'm not looking for anything serious" or are they on Tinder to take things slow?

The other thing is even if you're DTF, you might want to take your time cultivating a steady d*ck appointment. Maybe you're looking for someone to cuddle now and f*ck later. Or, maybe you want to go straight to annoying the neighbors with all the loud, rowdy sex you'll be having. Here are 21 opening lines if you're looking for a fling, a FWB, or simply a hookup.


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Like a pleasant but delicious salsa, these Tinder opening lines are mild. Shy people, Cancers, those interested in Cancers, and anyone who's soft on main, open with the following:

  • "What are you doing tonight?"
  • "You're cute. Are you friendly, too?"
  • "I thought today was going to be a boring [insert day here], but then I saw your face and swiped right."
  • "Ice cream, soup, and [their name here] from Tinder: all things I want to spoon."
  • Or, send them a bunch of fork and knife emojis and say, "I’ve got a bunch of forks and knives. Now, all I need is a little/big spoon."
  • "Hi, don't know how to be cool on Tinder, but I'm making the first move anyway. Do you want to come over and cuddle?"


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These opening lines, on the other hand, have a dash of spice. There's an urgency to them and also a subtle promise of what's to come, which definitely puts them in the more "forward" category.

  • "Let's get straight to it: You're cute and I want to meet up for drinks."
  • "Let's cut to the chase: I want you to come over."
  • "Here's my number, BTW, if you're looking for a good time."
  • "Want to come over and make some memories tonight?"
  • "I'm here for the weekend/week/month. Want to show me a good time?" (This last one is perf for vacation hookups. Are they going to introduce you to their city's best café or are they going to be the sexy highlight of your trip? Message them and see where it goes.)
  • "I'm not for Netflix and chill. More for adventure and pleasure."


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And last but not least, there are the Tinder opening lines that have a healthy amount of diced jalapeño. Proceed with caution as you amp up the sexual tension:

  • "I love your jeans/skirts/shorts in the first picture. I bet they'd look even better on my bedroom floor."
  • "You, me, some [insert food here], and some headboard-banging?"
  • "Do you want to hook up?" Short and to the point.
  • "Want to come over and have a good story to tell?"
  • "I hope you don't have kids, because I want to be the only one to call you daddy/mommy."
  • "Getting you off Tinder isn't the only way I want to get you off."
  • "11/10 would go to brunch with you the morning after."
  • Or: "I can make you eggs the morning after."
  • Or, if you truly love the drama of it all: "I have three questions: 1.) Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? 2.) Do you want to get drinks? 3.) How do you take your eggs in the morning?"

These opening lines will def lay the groundwork for a hookup. But of course, it doesn't hurt to take it on a case-by-case basis. Peep their bio for tidbits about them and riff off of that. Ask them out to drinks at your fave bar in their neighborhood. Hint at Hulu and chilling if they're all about Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Make flirty references to attending the next Austin City Limits/Electric Zoo/Afropunk/music festival of choice with and going home together afterward. Get creative! Hooking up with folks on Tinder is supposed to be fun. Why not have some with the opening lines, too?