8 Opening Lines To Use On Hinge That Will Shore Up The Matches

by Ginny Hogan

Spring is here, and you're ready to get out from under your winter cocoon and fly like a butterfly! And, as a butterfly, you're seeking a partner, so you hop back on Hinge. It can be tough to start a conversation after you've been off dating apps for a while, so I gathered some of the best opening lines for Hinge. These lines will ensure that you're matching with the people you want just in time for some spring romance. As they always say, April showers bring May Hinge-matches (a lot of idioms need to be updated for our modern times).

On Hinge, if you haven't already matched with someone, you have to leave a comment on their profile to get them to match you back. These opening line suggestions are a great way to get someone's attention so that they will like your profile back right away! Plus, leaving a comment on a part of a profile shows that you've done your research and have personalized your message. You want a first message that leads into a longer conversation so you can find out how much the two of you have in common. Don't be afraid to add your own creative spin, and just remember — if they don't have at least one photo of them holding a fish, they didn't do online dating correctly.

How'd you make that cocktail?

If they have a picture of them with a delicious-looking cocktail, ask how it's made! People love to share stories of their culinary creations, and your match will be eager to share. It's a good gateway into discussing each other's hobbies, and now you know what drink to order on the first date! Plus, even if it doesn't pan out, you have a delicious new beverage to add to your repetoire.

Beautiful view! What city is that?

Travel is a universal (literally) conversation topic. If they've posted a photo of them on a gorgeous mountain or peak, don't hesitate to ask them more about it. It will hopefully lead into them asking you where you've vacationed recently, and maybe you'll find out the two of you have visited the same places.

That's a gorgeous photo of you and your mom! I love moms.

This is a funny and unique opening line to get the attention of anyone who has a pic with their mother. People love to post photos with their moms, and honestly, I love to look at them. The only thing people love more than posting about their moms is talking about them, so start the conversation off with a chance for your match to tell you about their mother. Besides, you'll find out if they're family-oriented, which may come in handy down the line.

Is that your scooter? I'd love to ride it some time.

This is a bold, flirty opening move for anyone who's pictured on a scooter. And if it's not a scooter, feel free to replace with something else: motorcycle, car, skateboard, bike (sharing a bike is particularly romantic — and dangerous, don't do it). Asking to ride their scooter let's them know you're interested in meeting them and participating in the activities they enjoy. Plus, they'll be impressed by your confidence. And your wild streak!

So many bright colors! Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?

Hinge is ripe with outdoors-y pics — everyone has them. That said, it can still be a good opening line to ask someone about their outdoors habits, if only because it opens up the conversation to asking about the rest of their lifestyle. For example, they might say they spend time outdoors, but not as much as they like because of their job. This is the perfect entry to talking about your careers, which is something that they might not have photos of.

I've totally been there! Did you try the gelato?

If they have a photo somewhere you've been, let them know! And replace gelato with whatever delicacy you enjoyed while you were there. If the two of you visit the same places, you might have more things in common, and bringing this up in the first message is a great way to find out.

How much did that fish weigh?

Because you know they have a fish photo.

Starting a conversation with someone new is scary! Fortunately, on Hinge, you get to comment on people's photos, and this gives you more material to work with. Try one of my opening lines and watch the matches roll in!