22 Punny Opening Lines For Dating Apps That Will Lead From Apps To Drinks

Whether you get you fill from finger foods or swiping sites — apps of all kinds can really come in handy. If you're looking for love on the world wide web, casting your .net can take some direct .com(munication). If plays on words makes your heart (lolli)pop with happiness, you may be a total sucker for these punny opening lines for dating apps. Making the first move IRL or online can seem a little daunting. Dropping in with a silly joke, like a pun or a nerdy-wordy joke, can be a sweet way to break the ice — like a polar bear that ended up in the ocean.

If you just matched with a cutie and you're totally blanking on what to say, starting a convo off with a cute pun can show your potential date your silly side. Your match is probably just as nervous as you are. Taking the reigns and messaging first can take some major pressure of your potential boo to start it all off. It can also make you look super hot and totally fearless.

If you're looking for something to say first, these 22 punny opening lines for dating apps are sure to lead to apps and drinks.

1. Super Hot

On a scale of one to nine, you're like a Ten-der

2. We're A Pair

Are you also a single blue tube sock? Because i think we’re a perfect match.

3. Link In Bio

I can tell from your bio you’re a pretty fine print.

4. Amen.

Do you hear the angels? Because we’re a match made in heaven.

5. King Of Rock And Roll

computype17 on YouTube
If Elvis was still alive do you think he’d make it "Love Me Tinder?"

6. Netflix & Killin' It

If you come over later we can hinge-watch our favorite show.

7. Swipezone

Do you believe in love at first swipe, or should I unmatch you and make you swipe again?

8. Tutti-Fruity

I don't love dried fruits, but id love to take you for a date.

9. Dairy Air

You have amazing eyes, but I can't stop thinking about your bum(ble).

10. Four Course Meal

Are you a Charcuterie board? Because I like *apps* before my meals.

11. Burn Baby Burn

Is your cellphone flammable, because it must be full of matches.

12. Part Of Your World

Call me Ariel, because we were mermaid for each other.

13. Bottoms Up

I was so hoppy to wheat you I barley had time to think of a pun. Wish you were beer with me.

14. That's Amore

I'd give you a pizza my heart but I got to admit I have crust issues.

15. Gucci Belt

I would belt out your name, but I don't want to waist your time.

16. Tea Time

Are you a spicy chai because you're a hot tea with a body.

17. Just A Taste

Obviously we'd meet on an app, because you're a total snack.

18. Salty And Spicy

Let's meet for margs and taco bout our future.

19. Morning Glory

More like Coffee Meets Baegel.

20. 100 Percent

My phone was about to die but luckily you charge me up.

21. What's the Wi-Fi?

My WiFi is spotty but our connection is strong.

22. All-Directions

You haven't left my mind since you swiped right.

Of course, anything you say to your potential date will be the perfect thing. And if someone can't keep up with your impeccable wit, then they're probably not the one for you. When it comes to starting a convo with a punny one-liner, sometimes it's best to go for (Tinder) gold.