Need Dating App Inspiration? 5 People Reveal Their Go-To Opening Lines

If you're stuck on coming up with opening lines for dating apps, yeah, I've been there. Racking your brain for something clever that makes you stand out and not seem to desperate is a difficult task! Especially if you're on the shyer side.

The first thing I do when figuring out what to write to someone is scan their bio. These few lines can indicate hobbies and passions – if they say they're a Potterhead, you can ask what house they're in. If you see you went to the same college that you did, you can send your school mascot in emoji form. The bio is the best tool you have to create a personalized message.

But if their bio is empty, or doesn't reveal much, you could consider sending a pickup line. These are generic ice-breakers meant to learn more about the person and sense if they pick up on your humor or share interests with you. They're easy to send off, don't require too much effort on your end initially, and may lead to conversation, a date, or even a relationship. Check out some of the best options below.

Audrey, 24, asks a playful question.

Audrey tests matches on dating apps with her pick-up line, "If you were a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be?”

She likes this one because it shows how much the other person likes food, their creativity, and their silly side.

Hye Jun, 24, tries to gage possible mutual interests.

Hye Jun asks people on dating apps what their favorite television show is and why.

"I learn a lot about a person when they answer this, and so many people in relationships consume a lot of media together so it's important to know these things upfront," she says about her practical approach. "My potential romantic partner doesn't even have to like the same genres as me. I'm just curious to see how passionate they are, how they articulate their answer, and how they react to all of my inevitable follow-up questions on their TV viewing habits. And TV is really important to me."

This person prefers a blunt and direct approach that gives the other person an option.

A Reddit user claims this pick-up line works for them: "Hey, unoriginal cheesy pick-up line or boring conversation starter. What do you prefer?

Elana (not me), 25, tests out if their humor is similar.

Her go-to line is, "Call me maybe, or just call me Elana."

She says it helps break the ice between her and a match and it shows her sense of humor.

"And if they get it, it [shows] me that they have a sense of humor as well."

This person creates a Mad Libs on dating apps for their opening line.

Create a fun game on the dating app by playing fill-in-the-blank with your match. This Reddit user goes for this line when the other person's bio doesn't reveal a lot of information about them.

"Not much to go off on your bio, but I'm gonna take a stab at it and say you work as a _ and your interests include _ and _. Am I right or am I right?"

They say write whatever you want in the blanks and "the more ridiculous the better."

Go ahead, give one (or some) of these pick-up lines a try. You've got nothing to lose.

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