9 Festive & Flirty Opening Lines To Use On Dating Apps During The Holidays

Recently, I was swiping through a dating app, and a guy used a line on me that was honestly pretty impressive. So impressive that I actually asked him if I could write about it. Because, seriously, when it comes to opening lines to use on dating apps during the holidays, this guy took the (fruit) cake. It was snowing the day that he messaged me and said, "I am about to brave this snow to go see my friend, so, if I don't make it, just know that I thought you were cute and would've liked to take you out some time."

Once I got back up from being swept off my feet, I wrote, "Danggggggg that's a good line. I am impressed."

If I am good at anything it is ruining the ~moment~ with dating writer commentary. Anyways... if you like that opening line, stay tuned because I have compiled a whole list of holiday season opening lines. (Just in case you aren't as suave as this guy.)

When you're brainstorming a good quote for an opening line on a dating app, you actually have some data on your side. According to Hinge, if your match is between the ages of 18 to 23 years old, they will likely appreciate an opening line with novelty or humor in it. If your match is between the ages of 24 to 28, your date will likely appreciate a question about their lifestyle or hobbies. Tinder tells Elite Daily that 32.4 percent of men and 35.2 percent of women prefer the opening line they receive to be a question about them. And, the good news is that both of these concepts can match any season you can think of. So stay tuned for tips on being festive and flirty this holiday season.

If you want to be punny...

The holiday season provides you with so many chances to be punny. This is true wether you want to compliment them or learn more about them. So, add a festive twist to your message like these following lines to see if they'll message you back.

  • "Honestly, your style truly sleighs."
  • "Wow, your pics have me blushing like St. Nick."
  • "Just call me Frosty the Snowman because your profile made me melt."
If you're feeling jolly...

Most folks say that imitation is the best form of flattery, but TBH, I think flattery is the best form of flattery. I definitely appreciate a sweet compliment from dating app matches. Here are a couple of ways to flatter your crush super festively.

  • "OK, so, don't tell anyone but I am Santa, and I am currently looking for a Mrs. Claus. If someone as beautiful as you is interested, I can send you the application."
  • "They really need to invent a mistletoe emoji because how else can I imply that I want to kiss you? I guess I just gave myself away."
  • "Dang, you're so hot, you probably don't even need to wear a winter coat."
If you're aiming for the naughty list...

Last, but certainly not least, are a few ideas for those of you that want to get festive and frisky this holiday season. If you want to let your matches know that you're DTF, (Down to Frosty??) try out the following suggestions.

  • "I have a package to put under your Christmas tree, if you know what I mean."
  • "I know of a few things we could do that could get both of us a lot of coal in our stocking this year."
  • "I'm a lot like the Grinch in bed, except my heart isn't the thing that grows three times its size."

Hopefully, some of these lines will make your crush's cheeks as rosy as Rudolph's nose. And, hey, there are plenty of ways to get it "hot in here" when it's getting pretty cold outside.