3 Sex Moves You Need To Try This December For The Most Festive Romp Ever

Even though it's a full 31 days, sometimes it seems like December is the shortest month of the year. Between the end of year assignments at work or school, holiday parties, travel plans, gift shopping, and so on, making time for yourself can be a serious challenge. If you and bae are in the same boat, it may be easy for your usually hot sex life to get, well, kinda cold in the winter months. Because of this you may want to spice up more than just your morning lattes. Here are some December 2018 sex moves to keep your chestnuts roasting over an open fire — if you know what I mean.

When it comes to getting creative in the bedroom, there are a lot of ways that both of you can end up on the naughty list this year. For instance, this season is stacked with sales on sex toys if you were thinking about surprising your partner with a gift that keeps on giving. You could also discuss things that you want more of in your sex life together, whether that's more creative foreplay or trying something new, like a different position. Whatever you both decide you want to try, winter's chill will clearly not affect how hot things get between you two.

If you want some ideas on how to get creative this December, check out the following sex moves which are guaranteed to get you coal in your stocking.

The Mistletoe

Ah, mistletoe, a holiday classic, and a sexy way to surprise your partner this December. To do The Mistletoe, you need to get under it (and maybe get under your partner). The Mistletoe is not about how to do a specific position but instead about where you do it. Take turns with your partner hanging the mistletoe around your house or apartment. Wherever the other finds it above them is where you have to hook up, preferably right after they see it. You could even spice up your foreplay by holding the mistletoe over body parts that you want the other to start with. And, TBH, this gives a whole new meaning to deck the halls.

The Naughty List

All right, so, you both probably have that one thing you've always wanted to try. And maybe you haven't discussed it yet, but The Naughty List is a great way to start. For this move, you and your partner should write your own naughty lists and exchange them. To add to the anticipation, it is most fun if you read them separately or during the day when you're apart. Then when you two are reunited, you can try out what you both have secretly had on your wish lists all along.

The Icicle

The icicle sounds like it may be pretty self-explanatory, but hear me out. Because winter can be so darn cold, for this move you can stay bundled up. That's right. The icicle is all about keeping your clothes on except for, well, the vital parts. This move is best done somewhere that is usually a lot colder than your bedroom like your laundry room, garage, or kitchen. Having sex in a hurry where you don't even take off all of your clothes can be pretty hot. You can try this move the minute you get in the door because you just can't wait any longer. And, besides, you can plan to take your clothes off for round two.

Hopefully, you have a jolly old time with these moves because they totally sleigh. And, honestly, I don't know a better way to give and receive during this holiday season.