8 Sex Toy Tips That'll Make Your Life 10 Times Hotter

It often seems like sex toys are assumed to serve one purpose, and one purpose only, and that purpose is masturbation. And, hey, masturbating with a toy can be really amazing. What if I told you that there are a ton of other ways to incorporate sex toys into your life? To get the scoop on the most useful sex toy tips, I reached out to some of the most innovative and inclusive sex toy brands including Babeland, Unbound, Maude, and Satisfyer, and their experts gave me some brilliant advice.

When it comes to sex toys, it can help to start thinking of them as tools for improving and exploring different aspects of your sexuality. "Toys can help you be creative with how you incorporate sensation," explains Lisa Finn, a representative for sex toy store Babeland. "Erogenous zones extend way past the genitals, and taking time to explore how different types of touch or feelings react with your body can help you find entirely new ways to play." Not only can sex toys increase your level of pleasure but they can also be a vital addition to queer sex, sex when you have disabilities, or if you have trouble reaching climax for any number of reasons. I happen to fit into all three of those categories and value sex toys a lot as a result!

Sometimes there can be a lot of shame surrounding the topic, but hopefully the following advice will reassure you that there's nothing to be ashamed of. And, most importantly, that there's plenty of fun to be had with toys! I mean, they are called toys for a reason.

Try out an enhanced lubricant.

"Lube is amazing, and enhanced lube is downright magical," says Polly Rodriguez, founder and CEO of feminist sex toy company Unbound. Before Rodriguez got involved in the sex toy industry, she says that she had never heard of enhanced lubricant. According to Rodriguez, Unbound's Clitoral Jolt Gel is a stimulating lubricant that uses organic extracts, peppermint oil, natural damiana, Arginine, and L-Ornithine to increase blood flow to the clitoris. "It creates the most amazing tingling sensation that basically feels like sprinkles on an orgasm. A little goes a long way!" she explains. You too can have an orgasm with sprinkles on top by dabbing a small amount of this enhanced lubricant on the clitoris, a toy, or your partner's fingers.

Try keeping waterproof sex toys in the shower.

If you enjoy masturbating but struggle to make time for solo sex with yourself, putting a sex toy in a convenient place could help. An even better idea from Megwyn White, sexual wellness expert and sex toy company Satisfyer's ambassador, is to put a waterproof sex toy in your shower. Not only are you already naked, but you also have the added sensation of shower water running down your body.

By getting busy with yourself in the shower, you're mastering the age-old two-birds-one-stone method. Who knows, with the waterproof Satisfyer Pro 2 as your metaphorical stone, you could take out as many birds as you want. Have I lost you on this metaphor yet? My bad, we're talking multiple orgasms here, folks. And I think that's all something we can get behind.

Try out some nonverbal cues with your partner.

There are so many ways to use a stimulation toy with your partner during sex. White explains that you can spice things up by agreeing to only use nonverbal cues when they use a toy on you. This means nodding yes or no, moaning at different volumes to indicate a level of pleasure, or any other ideas you may have.

Try using anal-specific toys.

According to White, people with prostates have an erogenous zone or sensitive spot about the size of a walnut two inches up the anal shaft. This P-spot, similar to the G-spot, is located on the inside of the shaft towards the navel. Not only does it give the stimulated person more pleasure, but it can also strengthen their erection.

White explains that you can utilize quite a few anal-specific toys to stimulate this area. Just make sure you don't forget to use lube since the area isn't self-lubricating like a vagina is! White says you could use anal beads, butt plugs, or a vibrator meant for the anus.

Try using a vibrator for a massage.

If you're stressed out or prefer a lot of physical touch before you and your partner have sex, consider massaging tense muscles with a vibrator. "Use the vibe as a massager for your neck, back, or anywhere that you need to relieve some tension. It can help you to relax," explains sex toy company Maude's representative Dina Epstein.

Try using airplane mode.

Sorry, to disappoint but this tip isn't about masturbating on an airplane. Epstein's next tip is about the airplane mode on Maude's vibrator. "Press and hold the button for three seconds to lock it so that it won't be turned at an inopportune moment. It is great for when you are traveling," Epstein explains. For any other toy that doesn't have this feature, consider taking out the batteries when you travel.

Try getting a little boost.

"Give yourself a boost during sex by using pillows to prop up and support your body," explains Finn. Using pillows to rest under your lower back or other areas of the body can help get you in the right position for penetration or oral.

"Use a firm pillow, or get one that's made for this specific use. Babeland's Liberator Heart Wedge could work for this. On the plus side, it's cute, functional and comes with a zip-off cover for easy clean-up," explains Finn.

Stock up on sanitizer.

"Always try to keep toy cleaner on hand," explains Finn. "Sometimes the decision to grab a toy is made in the heat of the moment, and running naked across your apartment to rinse it off is not part of that plan." Having clean toys is also super important in preventing bacterial infections, UTIs, or STIs. "Having a spray-on toy cleaner ready at your nightstand makes the process easy. All you have to do is spray, wipe, lube up, and play." This solution can be wiped off your toys with a clean towel, paper towel, or wipe. Avoid tissues as they can sometimes leave behind small particles.

It's helpful to look at toys with a level of flexibility and creativity. Sex toys are clearly so versatile, and for that I am thankful. Hopefully these sex toy hacks lead to a break through in your bedroom — or even your shower!