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The Best Pop Culture Halloween Costume For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

At this point, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you're going to be for Halloween, and you might have even turned to pop culture for some inspiration because of all of the awesome ideas that have surfaced throughout 2018. But if you're a procrastinator (ahem, like me), or you simply haven't had the time to think it through yet, why not look to astrology for all the answers on what to dress up as on Oct. 31? Yeah, you heard me: You can totally figure out the best pop culture Halloween costume, based on your zodiac sign and your own personalized, quirky traits. Trust me, girl, your costume's going to be so relevant and on-point, that even the people who go aggressively hard on all things Halloween every single year (you know who I'm talking about) will be jealous.

For real, though, your zodiac sign can reveal a ton of cool things about your personality, and TBH, I don't know why it's not used more often in the brainstorming process for Halloween costumes. Don't you dare cop out and go as a black cat for the fourth year in a row. I see you. I know you can do better.

Whether you want to DIY your pop culture Halloween costume or pick something up from the party store, the stars are here to help you narrow down your options. Here's the best pop culture Halloween costume for you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Elastigirl From 'Incredibles 2'


Aquarius is inventive and unique, so what better character to dress up as than Elastigirl from Incredibles 2? Be a total boss and stretch your heart out, friend — oh, and red's totally your color.

Pisces: Meghan Markle


Pisces signs are compassionate, warm, and beautifully comforting — and I may not know Meghan Markle in real life, but I'll be damned if those adjectives don't immediately make me think of the Duchess of Sussex.

For this Halloween costume, you could try to replicate Markle's stunning wedding dress, or you could even opt to carry around a basketball in a pair of high heels all night. Yes, that second idea might be a bit more ~original~, but honestly, any true fan of Meghan Markle would totally get it.

Aries: Beyoncé at Coachella


Beyoncé's Coachella performance was everything, and a confident, dynamic, adventurous Aries needs to embody all that the queen was and is. It's only right, guys.

Besides, I dare you to find a more comfortable Halloween costume than a yellow pullover and a pair of denim shorts. I'll wait.

Taurus: Ariana Grande in "God Is A Woman"


Ariana Grande is a work of art, and so is the music video for her song "God Is A Woman." Taurus, you, too, are a gorgeous work of art, and don't you ever believe anything less about yourself — this is your costume come Oct. 31.

Don't be shy about the body paint, girl — you can rock it.

Gemini: Constance From 'Ocean's 8'


Geminis are so fun, a little nerdy, and super quirky. Dress up as the incredibly funny Constance from Ocean's 8 this Halloween to let your amazing personality shine through all night long.

Remember when I said Beyoncé's Coachella outfit was the comfiest costume? I lied — this one includes a beanie, so it's obviously the coziest.

Cancer: Arthur Meme


Cancer, you are, and always have been, the mom of the group. Clench your fist all night long at the shenanigans that your "children" (aka friend group, let's be real) are inevitably pulling all night long.

Leo: Rose From 'Ocean's 8'


A creative and sensual Leo should dress up as Ocean's 8's imaginative fashion designer Rose Weil this Halloween. Channel all of those Helena Bohnam Carter vibes, girlfriend. After all, you've always had a subtle dark side to you, and this is the perfect way to tap into it.

Virgo: Nine Ball From 'Ocean's 8'


Virgos tend to be cunningly smart perfectionists, so why not personify a cool, badass computer hacker on Oct. 31? Rihanna would be so proud of you, friend.

Libra: Taylor Swift In "...Ready For It"


Remember when Taylor Swift was just a charming, adorable country singer? Same. As for you, Libra, you're also a total sweetheart most of the time — but Halloween is one of the few opportunities you have to let the other sides of your personality come out to play.

That said, you should dress up as the ~new~ Taylor Swift in her song "...Ready For It." Her creepy vibes in the music video are literally perfect for Halloween.

Scorpio: Tonya Harding


I, Tonya was a dark, outrageous, stunning movie, and Scorpios are known to be passionate, introspective, and maybe even a bit twisted from time to time. Tonya Harding is just as complex as you are, Scorpio, and honestly, name me a cuter Halloween costume than a figure skater's outfit.

Sagittarius: Selena Gomez from "Back To You"


Sagittarius chicks are full of joy, and they're always looking for the silver lining in any situation. The bright orange colors that Selena Gomez wears in her music video for "Back To You" will allow your inner radiance to truly glow this Halloween.

Capricorn: Debbie From 'Ocean's 8'


Ah, Caps — your infinite determination and drive is extremely admirable to say the least. You're literally a mastermind, and I don't know how you do it: You know you're 100 percent a Debbie, and you wouldn't have it any other way.