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These Super Easy Halloween Costumes Are Anything But Boring


Sometimes I want to dress up for Halloween, but I hate when a costume is super complicated. There have been times when I went all out and it took me way too long to get ready for a party or gathering. Or other times, I was on a time crunch an was left trying to figure out what to wear for Halloween with little time to plan. In those scenarios, you can get rid of a lot of the pressure by choosing a no-fuss Halloween costume. These 10 easy Halloween costumes for 2019 are a ton of fun and make getting ready for your festivities a total breeze.

The best part about an "easy" Halloween costume is that more often than not it resembles some type of onesie. And honestly, what is easier than slipping into a jumpsuit (or actually set of pajamas in some cases) and heading off to your costume party? Plus, there are options for every budget, so you don't have to worry about spending a fortune just to participate in All Hallows' Eve. So, say goodbye to the days of hot-glueing feathers onto an old tee hoping it will magically turn into some kind of costume, and say hello to the easiest Halloween get-ups you've ever seen.

1. Skeleton Bodysuit Costume

What's one icon of Halloween that is literally everywhere? Skeletons, of course. The bones-only character is a fun part of the spooky season that appears in movies, TV shows, Halloween decorations, and is pretty much just a sign of the season. Personally, I've been simply dying to dress up as a skeleton for Halloween, but I've never found the right costume that would make it easy to pull off.

This adorable skeleton bodysuit from Tipsy Elves can be easily paired with "strappy white high heels to mimic metatarsals" or "lace-up black boots to make it look like you are floating over the ground as you stalk the night," per the site description.

2. Creepy Spider Web Costume

This fun ensemble comes with a spider web poncho and can be put with a pair of leggings or tights and black shoes for a quick costume if you're short on time. If you love the idea of being a bit on the goth side for Halloween, this easily fits the bill.

3. Unicorn Costume Onesie

The best part about wearing a onesie for your Halloween costume? They're super comfortable. It's like wearing pajamas, only so much cuter. This one is a glorious unicorn and it is epic. With this fun onesie, you can party like a animal and stay magical in a rainbow-detailed unicorn costume complete with a furry tail.

4. Easy Mermaid Costume

TBH, the reason I have never been a mermaid for Halloween in my over 20 years of existence is the sheer fact that I never knew how to easily put together a mermaid costume without it looking cheesy, or without it being a little out of my budget. If you've been in love with mermaids since you were a kid, your dreams can easily come true with this easy mermaid costume.

5. For The Pusheen Lovers

Maybe I am alone in this, but I love Pusheen. That adorable squishy cat face is literally everything. It's hard to be in a bad mood when you see Pusheen merch. This easy Halloween costume for Pusheen lovers is ultra-soft and cozy. So, if you pull an all-nighter this Halloween, or end up crashing on someone's couch, you'll be totally prepared.

6. Little Devil Dress

Want to be a devil but don't know where to start? It's annoying to have to buy accessories whenever you can just get a complete costume in one package. This dress is fun for a Halloween party with close friends or a celebration out. No need to search for the horns or a tail — this is all set for a party.

7. Women's Lion Costume

Ever thought about being the queen of the jungle? Well, now it's possible. Complete with a white belly, tufts of fur on the sleeves, ankles, and tail, and a set of lion ears. Hear me roar.

8. Stitch From Lilo & Stitch

If you want to rep one of your fave Disney characters this Halloween, it's hard to ignore the fact that Stitch just might be one of the cutest ever. If you can do Stitch's voice like a pro, then you'll get extra brownie points from your BFFs. Or, maybe you'll just do a really good job at embarrassing them.

9. Sloth Costume For Women

Sloths are just as popular as unicorns... and they might be a little cuter. That's all debatable, but if you want to channel your inner sloth this year, it's never been an easier task than with this Sloth onesie for Halloween.

10. It's A... Narwhal?

Last but not least, why not give the narwhals some love this Halloween? This onesie looks roomie enough to double as pajamas, so you can totally rewear your costume.

Whatever easy ensemble you wind up in the Halloween, you'll be glad you want the practically stress-free route. Because, really, who wants to show up to a party with super glue all over their hands thanks to some late-night costume crafting?