Two spooky White Claw tank tops are great ideas for White Claw Halloween costumes.

These White Claw Halloween Costume Ideas Are Sweet Like Candy

This past summer, you might have been spending your days at the beach with your besties, sipping hard seltzers (if you're 21 or over). You might have been posting pics that were so bubbly, and want to continue that streak on the spookiest night of the year. That's why I've put together some White Claw costume ideas for Halloween 2019 that are so sweet.

Not to mention, they're totally comfortable so you and your crew can be cozy while you dominate the costume contest, bar hop in the city, or eat peanut butter cups and watch Hocus Pocus on your couch. To me, that's a very important aspect of any #look, whether you're dressing up for all the festivities on Oct. 31 or not, because you can't live your best life in a bunch of clothes that don't make you feel amazing inside and out. Lucky for you, that's not something you need to be concerned about when you're considering a White Claw costume for Halloween.

I've thought about the chilly autumn air that's as crisp as your drink after it's been pulled out of the cooler, and the pictures you'll want to take with your friends from 6 p.m. to midnight. And I've come up with these three costumes for White Claw lovers that are sweet like your favorite candy. Get ready to make some refreshing memories.

A Passionate #WhiteClawSummer Fan

If you're a major #WhiteClawSummer fan, then this one's for you. You may have posted all kinds of ~artsy~ White Claw content at the beach and pool this past summer, and probably teared up when fall came around. That's why you should put together this costume for Halloween.

You should rock a T-shirt and other merch with the logo on it. You might even want to carry around a sign that says, "#WhiteClawCrew" and get your friends to use the hashtag in their Instagram stories and posts, too. Glittery shorts and colorful sunglasses? Not required, but probably #necessary.

A Spooky Can Of White Claw

There are so many different flavors of White Claw. But on this Halloween, you might want to make your own so you have the most unique and festive costume ever.

Let me introduce to the spooky-infused White Claw, complete with a witchin' T-shirt and lots of other boo-tiful details. It'll make all of your besties want to take a pic, or at least grab a drink from the cooler and take a few sips. Or maybe it'll put them in the #mood to make cookies that are covered in tiny skeleton designs and orange and black sprinkles. (Yes, please.)

Once you grab this cool tank that's essential for this costume, complete it with fun socks, high-waisted jeans, or a pair of cat ears. That way, everyone knows you're getting in the spirit of the holiday.

A Pack Of Different Flavors

If you and your besties love White Claws, you might want to do a group costume. You might want to show your love for the brand while making waves and entering the party in the most fang-tastic outfits of the year. You could put on matching T-shirts, I suppose, but I think it would be really sweet if you dressed up like a pack of different flavors.

To do this, you simply need a bunch of oversized white shirts you can wear with black biker shorts and a pair of white sneakers. Then, you should organize a crafting night where you all get together, decide who's wearing which flavor, and paint the logo on your tees.