23 Captions For White Claws & The Refreshing #Content On Your Feed

To me, summer isn't over until my besties break out their oversized knit sweaters, and everyone stops proposing weekend plans like beach days and barbecues in the group chat. That's typically around the same time the leaves start to change and pumpkin-flavored drinks make a comeback on my favorite coffee shop's menu. Lucky for me (and you), it's not that time of the year yet, and I can still crack open a crisp hard seltzer, open up social media, and post new and refreshing #content. Here are some Instagram captions for White Claws and those kind pics that'll make your feed look so lovely and bubbly.

Just picture this: It's a Saturday afternoon and your crew is hanging out at the shore. Somebody's grilling a bunch of burgers and hot dogs, and a few others are standing nearby, making sure the chips and guac are opened and ready to go. You're organizing the bottles of soda, laying out the beach towels on the sand, and thinking, "Wow. Does it get much better than this?" Honestly, this sweet moment is definitely one of the best of the season and will be one you look back on for years to come.

You'll remember the air that smelled like a bonfire and how every laugh felt like it should be captured in a Polaroid frame. That's half the reason why you pull out the camera on your phone and start snapping pics of your besties, the saltwater, and of course, your perfectly-chilled White Claw. You want to put it all on social media so you can rake in the likes and later scroll through your profile and relive the good times and vibes. Here are 23 captions for those cool and refreshing drinks, and memories that are so pure.

1. "I'm an official member of the White Claw crew."

2. "This summer is brought to you by White Claw."

3. "Taking life one White Claw at a time."

4. "I'm sippin' bubbly and feelin' lovely."

5. "My heart belongs to White Claw."

6. "Save the last White Claw for me."

7. "Good vibes happen near the tides."

8. "You either love the black cherry flavor, or you're wrong."

9. "Aloe you vera much, White Claw."

10. "Everything's easy, breezy, and beachy when I'm with my White Claw."

11. "Yes, I only drink black cherry White Claws. Thanks for asking."

12. "I've never met a White Claw flavor I didn't like."

13. "On the weekends, we drink White Claws."

14. "It's a White Claw kind of summer."


15. "When in doubt, drink a White Claw."

16. "Dear, White Claw. I sea you."

17. "Please take your paws off my White Claws."

18. "Today's forecast: 100% chance of surfing and some White Claws."

19. "Life's a beach. Find your White Claw."

20. "Making waves with my White Claw."

21. "Red lips and White Claw sips."

22. "Why limit happy to just an hour?"

23. "Stay bubbly, babe."

Did you find at least one caption that you like? If so, download some of the best photo editing apps of the year, finalize your weekend plans, and pack up your cooler with high-quality snacks and White Claws. Drive down to the beach with your besties, and get started on the last moments of summer. Soak in the saltwater, dance with the waves, and take lots of pics along the way.