The Beach Playlist You & Your Friends Need For The Dreamiest Summer Yet

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In your ideal world, you might walk around with your headphones in or a speaker on your shoulder all the time. You'd play your favorite songs, pretend you were in a movie, and dance with a hairbrush around your apartment. Nobody would look at you and think, "What are they doing?" because they'd be jamming, too. They'd give you an approving nod when you skipped ahead on your playlist to the newest single from the Jonas Brothers, or squealed with excitement over the colorful and fun-filled track, "You Need To Calm Down" by Taylor Swift. That's because they know those are some of the best beach songs for 2019, and want you to take your summer to the dreamiest level.

TBH, I couldn't agree with them more. I think you should explore the music that's out there and put it on repeat, even if you can't actually walk around with a boombox 24/7. I think you should make a playlist with the songs that make you say, "Oh, I like this a lot," and put it on when you and your besties are driving down to the coastline.

It's the best way to kickstart a day filled with sun, surf, and sprinkle-covered popsicles from the ice cream truck. It's also the best way to turn your mind to relaxation mode after laying on your towel and reminding yourself to take everything one sun beam at a time. So, add and stream these 16 songs. You seriously won't regret it.

"You Need To Calm Down" By Taylor Swift

I know it's probably ridiculous to ask you to calm down when you're going to the beach. The excitement for the sand, sun, and surf is real. So, instead, I'll politely ask you to turn on this awesome single from Taylor Swift that's colorful, beautifully bold, and so unapologetic with its support of the queer community. It'll set the right tone for your day, and let's be honest — life.

"If I Can't Have You" By Shawn Mendes

I'm a huge fan of Shawn Mendes, and I understand the hype behind this talented pop star. I would gladly get a few tickets to see him live, and purchase all of his merch, too. This summer, though, I'm going to show my support by streaming "If I Can't Have You" over and over again. Wanna join me?

"Happy Days" By blink-182

Being a millennial means you likely grew up listening to bands like All Time Low, Simple Plan, and blink-182. You jammed out in your room that was lined with posters and boomboxes to songs you still know the lyrics to, like "The Rock Show" and "What's My Age Again?" The latest single from blink-182, then, deserves a spot on your beach playlist this summer.

"Golden Hour" By Kacey Musgraves

Going to the beach is like diving headfirst into a continuous golden hour. The lighting is always good, thanks to the sun beams radiating from the sky, and makes your selfies glow brighter than ever before. That's why you tend to fill your camera roll with sweet pictures, videos, and snaps of the waves. Pro tip: Put on this song when you're having those photo shoots to bring them to the dreamiest level.

"Sucker" By Jonas Brothers

All of your dreams of marrying one of the Jonas Brothers may be over now (Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas have dibs. Sorry!) But that doesn't mean you can't still support your favorite guys as they take over the world once again with songs like "Sucker."

"Moonwalking" By Kwassa

When you're downloading the best preset packs of the season and adding new apps to your phone this summer, be sure to hit the plus sign button on this electric track from Kwassa. It's the track that'll convince your besties to drop their podcasts and books, and splash around with you in the waves. It's also the perfect song for when you're watching the sun go down, and the moon come up.

"Juice" By Lizzo

Everywhere I go, I swear there's somebody talking about Lizzo. My friends from college are chatting about this singer and rapper in our group chat, and my social media feeds are loaded with messages like, "I can't stop listening to Lizzo."

Once I turned on "Juice," and then "Truth Hurts" shortly after, I totally understood the hype. I strongly believe you need to listen to this track while sipping lemonade and wearing a cute scrunchie.

"Ur So Beautiful" By Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal's "Ur So Beautiful" is the dreamy song that'll leave you feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to take on the "real world." Put it on repeat so you don't miss a single beat or lyric.

"Hurt Again" By Julia Michaels

Some songs feel like they should be in the background of a travel video made by one of your favorite bloggers. Can you agree? If so, then you should listen to "Hurt Again" by Julia Michaels and close your eyes. Picture yourself swimming in waterfalls, diving into the ocean, and sticking your feet in white sands. Then, open your eyes and tell your besties who are soaking up the sun that you're ready to hop on a plane — again.

"Party Up The Street" By Miley Cyrus

When you and your friends go to the beach, it's always a party. Everybody might bring snacks like watermelon slices, tortilla chips and guacamole, and marshmallows and graham crackers for s'mores. There's usually a volleyball game going on, and a speaker blasting your favorite tunes. Add this chic and chill track from Miley Cyrus's album, SHE IS COMING, to get everyone grooving.

"See Through" By The Band CAMINO

This year, one of my greatest discoveries has been The Band CAMINO. They have such a unique sound that combines alternative and indie with electric beats and catchy lyrics. Their track "See Through," in particular, would be perfect for when you're driving down to the coastline this summer.

"Are You Bored Yet? (Feat. Clairo)" By Wallows

Sometimes when you're laying on your towel and soaking up the sun, you want chill music to listen to. You want to put in your headphones and be instantly transported to another time or place, like an '80s-inspired club with disco balls or an island in the Caribbean. This track by Wallows will be exactly what you're looking for, and it'll also make you want to find a karaoke bar nearby.

"Rebel Girl" By Angels & Airwaves

Here's the scoop: If you haven't heard "Rebel Girl" by Angels & Airwaves yet, you're missing out. You're skipping over Tom DeLonge's killer vocals, and a track that's meant for summer, when you're skateboarding down a boardwalk with your BFFs and going on adventure trips on the West Coast. Don't sleep on this one anymore, OK? While you're creating your new playlist, add "The Adventure" by this band, too.

"NASA" By Ariana Grande

As far as I'm concerned, it's Ariana Grande's world and we're living in it. This female pop star has been crushing it this year, from starring on the cover of Vogue to dropping new music videos. Do yourself a favor and cue up her song, "NASA" from her latest album, thank u, next, when you're at the beach this summer, making s'mores and watching the sky turn a vibrant shade of pink.

"Flavor" By Maren Morris

If you're a fan of "GIRL" and "The Bones" off of Maren Morris' album, GIRL, you'll love listening to this track on the beach. It's like a summer-loving best friend who loves sipping freshly-made fruit smoothies, taking clever pictures for Instagram, and living their life on their own terms. (Um, yes please.)

"Ruin My Life" By Zara Larsson

Last but not least, this catchy song from Zara Larsson will absolutely get stuck in your head after listening to it once or twice. But, it won't "ruin your life" or beach day. In fact, it'll upgrade it, and turn your quiet tanning sesh into a lively social event, and your beach day into a big dance party. Good speakers and a pair of flip flops? Required.

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