5 Attainable Adventure Trips On The West Coast You & Your Besties Can Take This Weekend

As of right now, you may not have any plans for this weekend. Your schedule is empty and the only thing you really need to do is treat yourself to some coffee and scrolling on social media. After all, it's rare that you have a Saturday and Sunday open. You usually have lunch dates, staycations, or lively nights out on the town written boldly in your planner, in your favorite gel pen and emphasized with little stars and stickers. But, this is no average weekend, which is why you might want to look into some adventure trips on the West Coast that you can take with your besties.

Spoiler alert: I actually know of a bunch of trips that are worth adding to your bucket list, and will show you good times and tides. But, there are a few that will help you get back in touch with nature or your outdoorsy side, and truly let you explore the greatest sights along the West Coast. They'll let you go kayaking into coves, eat at restaurants that are highly rated throughout the country, and stick your feet in the water of the Pacific Ocean. They'll bring you into major cities, and through secluded beaches, too.

Most importantly, they'll make sure that you take advantage of your weekend and the fact that you have zero plans. Just grab a backpack, a pair of sneakers, a water bottle, your besties, and some other essentials, and then go.

San Francisco
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Growing up, you may have watched Full House. You may have seen clips of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Painted Ladies in San Francisco in each episode, and wondered, "When am I going to get to go there?"

Well, what about this weekend? Truth is, you don't have any plans, and this city is waiting for you to explore it. It's hoping that you scope out its trendy eateries and record stores, and take artsy pictures for Instagram. It's hoping that you find vintage clothing stores you love, and postcard-worthy views, too.

Most importantly, it's hoping that you take a day to go beyond its borders to Angel Island for the most beautiful and underrated perspective of the San Francisco Bay. There, you can go hiking, rent bikes, or listen to some live music. (Um, yes please!)

Big Sur
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The Pacific Coast Highway is great if you're looking to take a road trip with your besties. But if you only have a weekend to do some adventuring, then I'd highly suggest packing up your car and putting Big Sur in your GPS.

This area is full of sights you probably can't experience at home. The scenic trails of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park are must dos. Stop along the way to snap some pictures of the iconic Bixby Bridge and endless views of the coastline you'll fall in love with.

The best part? You'll get to experience it all with your besties, and laugh while coasting down the highway or watching the sun go below the horizon line. I don't think it gets much better than that!

Daniel Kim Photography/Stocksy

Cue up Miley Cyrus's dreamy song, "Malibu," because the next destination you should check out this weekend is, well, Malibu. Filled with beaches, celebrity homes, and the perfect waves for a surf lesson, it's the best place to go for adventure and relaxing. (Let's be honest: It's still the weekend, and you want to chill!)

Simply grab your favorite tote bag and fill it up with sunscreen, sandals, and a cute pair of sunnies. Put a surfboard in your car if you have one, or arrange to go on an excursion like whale watching while you're there. You'll want to save an afternoon for hanging out on the pier or soaking up the sun on Zuma Beach, too.

La Jolla
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La Jolla is a beautiful spot in San Diego that's bound to get you excited and energized this weekend. With restaurants, coves, and attractions nearby like the San Diego Zoo, it's everything you're looking for and more.

To be honest, you might want more than a weekend here if you want to hit all the highlights. But, a few days will be enough to go on excursions like snorkeling or kayaking.

You can never go wrong with what I'll call the "zen package," though, which is simply reading a book on the beach and hanging amongst the palms.

Huntington Beach
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Last but not least, I hope you're a fan of The Bachelor, because Cassie's hometown of Huntington Beach is where you can (and should) go this weekend. Like many spots along the West Coast, it has a ton of things to do like beach exploring, surfing, and shopping.

The one item that really needs to make it on your itinerary, though, is bike the Huntington Beach Bike Trail. It'll be the best way to experience the coastline and everything it has to offer. It'll be the adventure that you tell your besties about when you get back home, and the excursion that will make you feel adventurous AF.

And when all is said and done, you'll sit on your couch and aimlessly scroll through your camera roll and think, "Wow! What a weekend." (I know. Next time, I'm going to come along!)