The Top Preset Packs You Should Download This Summer, So Your 'Gram Glows Brighter Than The Sun

It's basically the start of the sunniest and warmest season of the year, and you're celebrating in every way possible. You're filling up your online shopping carts with bathing suits and new headphones that'll be perfect for the beach. You're texting your besties, "It's going to be so nice out this weekend," and making plans to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. You're also prepping your Instagram so that it's ready for colorful photos of sunsets and fresh smoothies. Have you considered purchasing and downloading one of the best summer presets for 2019? Word around the block is that they'll make your feed glow brighter than the sun.

Now, for those of you who don't already know what presets are, let me give you a little #content lesson. Presets are essentially filters that you can apply to your photos in Adobe Lightroom. Some are meant to be used in the desktop version of this program, while others are meant for the free mobile version, where you can use them to edit the photos on your phone.

All of them can enhance your selfies, travel pics, and artsy snaps of your açaï bowls. They take care of all the details like exposure, for example, so that you can simply tap "share" and continue enjoying summer. After all, editing can be a process and nobody wants to do it at a pool party! Grab these five preset packs instead, OK?

Jaci Marie's Spring Mobile Preset Pack
Jaci Marie on YouTube

First things first: Grab the spring mobile preset pack from one of my favorite influencers, Jaci Marie Smith. This girl is all about creating inspiring and artsy content, from her podcast with her best friend, titled What We Said, to her YouTube vlogs. And if you download her latest filters, you'll feel her creativity rub off on you.

Your pictures in front of the colorful walls on Melrose Avenue will become more vibrant and brighter, and your selfies will have a cute, film-inspired vibe. The photos you took in your apartment will magically become warmer, making your outfit details pop, and your pizza pics will take on a thin layer of pink.

Sounds pretty dreamy, right? I'd say so. So, get these filters and plan some photo shoots, well, ASAP.

Aspyn Ovard's Summer Presets
magulz on Twitter

Next, unleash your inner influencer with another pack that's dedicated to making the colors in your photos pop: Aspyn Ovard's summer presets. They'll make your breakfast look like it's part of a catalogue, and your pictures with bae look sweeter than ever before.

Honestly, in the summertime, a preset pack like this one is a dream come true, because you do want the colors in your photos to be warm and welcoming. You want the blues to be vibrant and slightly teal, and the pinks and yellows to be very pastel. But, you likely don't want to do the extra work to get them there. (I don't blame you.)

Finding the right settings can be so tricky, which is why the Instagram pros, like Aspyn Ovard, created presets! Pick up these, and your summer pics will be good to go.

Marie Fe And Jake Snow's Ultimate Preset Pack 2
mariefeandjakesnow on YouTube

If you're anything like me, a majority of the accounts you follow on Instagram are dedicated to travel. They post video clips of places like Bali, Thailand, and Iceland that are on your bucket list, and inspire you to book plane tickets all around the world. Most importantly, they give you the 411 on waterfalls you need to swim in, or beaches you need to find to land a similar Instagram feed.

Marie Fe and Jake Snow have one of these accounts. They're constantly on the move and bringing their cameras to one-of-a-kind destinations. They're posing with palm trees and beautiful sunsets, and editing pictures with their Ultimate Preset Pack 2.

Purchase the presets for this summer, and your own photos will look postcard-worthy — whether you're traveling or relaxing in your backyard.

Zoelaz's New Presets
Zoelaz on YouTube

Some feeds on Instagram look like they came straight out of a vintage magazine. The photos have a delicate, dusty layer on them, and the colors are a bit faded. The angles and poses are always really interesting and unique, too.

Every time you see them, you may think to yourself, "How can I make my photos look like that?" Well, truth is, it doesn't take scoping out locations or downloading a bunch of apps to your phone. It just takes downloading Zoelaz's new presets.

This content creator and influencer has a truly dreamy 'Gram, and a workshop on exactly how to Instagram, which you can preview in the video above. But, if you're looking just to enhance your pictures, then apply the presets to your photos, and you'll feel like you're on the cover of Vogue or roaming around the landscapes of Costa Rica. (Um, yes please!)

Tezza's "Everything" Preset Pack
Tezza on YouTube

I'm fairly new to the creative world of Tezza. But, from what I can tell from this video on how she edits and creates her feed, it's an electric and ambitious place to be.

This content creator, author, and influencer is constantly doing something bucket list-worthy and posting stunning pictures on the 'Gram. From attending music festivals, to finding new angles to shoot on the streets of New York City, her photos always make me think, "What can't she do?"

This summer, your photos can, and should, create the same reaction. They should capture your best and favorite moments from your trips or beach days, and be edited with the Tezza's "Everything" preset pack. That way, the memories you make will stand out and make others want to celebrate the sunniest season of the year to the fullest.