7 Cool Walls In Los Angeles To Take Pics In Front Of, If Your Insta Needs Inspo

Daniel Kim Photography/Stocksy

It doesn't get much cooler than this. Los Angeles is known as the City of Angels , and it's oh-so-filled with creative people and places that are waiting for you. When I think of California, I tend to picture lots of sun and surf, maybe some skateboards, and road trips along the Pacific Coast Highway. Every day seems to be like summer, and there's unlimited amounts of inspiration wherever you go. The cities are bursting with opportunity and locations for sitcoms, and the cool walls in Los Angeles, in particular, are asking to be all over social media. So, what are we really waiting for?

If you're a local in this city, the most Instagrammable spots are probably not too new to you. You might have already strolled down the streets that are known for their aesthetically-pleasing places and experienced them firsthand. These walls could totally cure your wanderlust without even having to go too far.

But, if you're heading to L.A. for the first time you might want put something a little picturesque into your travel list. Truth is, you don't have to be a fashion or lifestyle blogger for your soul to be totally sparked by these backdrops. Sure, you might need to scroll through the feeds of your favorite photographers to get some inspo for poses. But, these seven walls will do the rest of the work for you and bring something seriously golden to your 'gram.

Paul Smith's Pink Wall
deekaaybright on Twitter

A single color always makes for a good backdrop — especially when it's a pop of pink. This spot is probably one of the most iconic when it comes to Instagrammable places in Los Angeles. Set right on a corner in West Hollywood, you definitely won't miss this wall when you're driving or walking by. I mean, look at it! It's honestly just asking to fill your camera roll.

In June 2017, the Paul Smith store painted one side of its famous front to be a vibrant rainbow in celebration of Pride Month. The mural still made for the best background for social media, and held a lot of meaning, too. Bright colors might not be in your color story, yet. But, come summertime you'll surely want to snap a picture or two here.

The "Hello" Wall And Carrera Cafe Murals
uwasalabo on Twitter

Spending some time in the City of Stars? It's only right that you stop by the Carrera Cafe and pose in front of the famous "Hello" wall that's filled with kisses. Send a wave of inspiration into your Instagram followers and sweet message, too.

This spot on Melrose Avenue — which was once the site for the La La Land mural — rotates out other movie scenes for the public to take pictures with. You'll certainly want to visit these murals more than once throughout the year, just to catch them all.

The Polka Dot Wall
jenniferlake on Twitter

The Polka Dot Wall is a piece of street art done by the self-titled The Most Famous Artist, or Matty Mo. It makes for the most perfect backdrop for your selfies, and is equally fun and flirty. Located at The Springs on Mateo Street, it has been a great inspiration for influencers and fashion bloggers alike.

At first glance, this wall kind of reminds me a lot of something you'd see alongside brightly-colored Kate Spade bags, and it's totally ideal for adding a more subtle and modern bit of color to your feed. Your followers will instantly thank you for such a vibrant spectrum.

The Love Wall
torilesikar on Twitter

Let's talk love. When people visit Los Angeles, they seemingly fall head over heels for the energy, unlimited sunshine, and cool vibes that come with such a city. If you're looking to express your emotions a bit, you might want to wander to the Love Wall that's filled with colorful overlapping hearts.

Throw up a peace sign against the work of artist JGoldcrown and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #bleedinghearts. You can find this mural in many other cities, too, like New York, Dallas, and Chicago, where he's done collaborations with all kinds of brands. But, if you're wandering around looking for love in Los Angeles, you'll want to head to Cafe Gratitude in the Arts District to get your Instagram inspo.

The Global Angel Wings Project
zoelondondj on Twitter

Like the Love Wall, the Global Angel Wings Project isn't unique to just Los Angeles. Created by artist Colette Miller, the wings are meant to be completely interactive and are painted as a reminder to the public that we're more than just humans on this Earth. The installation started in the street of Los Angeles and spread far and wide around the globe to places like Kenya and Taiwan where the powerful message continued to catch on. We always knew we could fly, we just needed something to help us take flight.

If you're not heading to California anytime soon, then definitely snap a picture with a pair of wings on in your closest participating city. It is awfully fitting to see this street art in the City of Angels, and there are so many locations throughout the city that you can scout out for this social media opportunity, including the doors of the Regent Theater.

The "Made In L.A." Wall
deboradahl_ on Twitter

We're not all from the West Coast, but when you're visiting a city, it's always fun to live like the locals. The "Made In L.A." wall is another spot on Melrose Avenue (located on the side of Cisco Home store) you'll want to scope out for your social media. If your feed tends to stick the neutral tones, this wall will be a perfect fit with its subtle street art vibe.

Pose with one hand up toward the top of the wall, or leap across the screen — because you're so excited to be in Los Angeles. You're one-of-a-kind because of your roots and where you came from, and showing some pride for such a rad city will always welcome the likes.

The Girls Tour Wall
anadeah5 on Twitter

Girl power just took a cool turn at the Girls Tour Wall, once again on (you guessed it) Melrose Avenue on the side of Sorella Boutique. If you're headed up the California coast on a road trip with your gal pal crew, it's a must-see and must-do for the 'Gram. Sunshine is so sweet, but so is showing some lady love with your squad.

Be bold and beautiful when you make a statement in front of this spot. You're in Los Angeles land, and there's no limit to the Instagram inspiration you can get from these walls.