White Claw's New Unflavored Hard Seltzer Is The Perfect Vodka Soda Replacement

Courtesy of White Claw

Hard seltzer is usually flavored, right? Well, that's not the case for White Claw's new Pure Hard Seltzer. Instead, the new boozy beverage has a "pure" and unflavored crisp taste that's similar to your go-to vodka soda. It's perfect for anyone craving a refreshing sip without the fruity flavors that typically come along with various hard seltzers. Don't get me wrong, though: I love fruit-flavored drinks. But sometimes, all I want is a vodka soda. It looks like White Claw's Pure Hard Seltzer will hit the spot for anyone else craving something boozy without the frills.

White Claw announced its Pure Hard Seltzer on March 28, and you'll definitely get thirsty after reading all of the details. According to the company, Pure Hard Seltzer is its "cleanest tasting" option out of White Claw's flavor collection. As I already mentioned, it doesn't taste like fruit. Instead, it uses its BrewPure alcohol base to help enhance the refreshing and crisp taste of a vodka soda, per the company's release. Therefore, if your go-to order at the bar is a vodka soda, then you'll probably enjoy it.

I haven't tried the Pure Hard Seltzer yet, but I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it. It already sounds like the most refreshing boozy beverage of the season.

Courtesy of White Claw

Sanjiv Gajiwala, Senior Vice President of Marketing at White Claw Seltzer Works, talked about the company's newest drink in a press release. He said,

While many other hard seltzer brands continue to release more complicated flavors, we know consumers love the clean, refreshing taste of White Claw and identified an opportunity to launch a hard seltzer in its simplest form with White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer. We are thrilled with the unprecedented consumer support for the brand and are proud to release an innovation that highlights the superior taste and quality with the limited-edition release of White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer.

See what I mean? There are no flavors or frills attached to White Claw's Pure Hard Seltzer. Instead, it has a clean and refreshing taste that'll help quench your thirst during happy hour. Speaking of happy hour, keep in mind that the hard seltzer is definitely alcoholic. According to White Claw, Pure Hard Seltzer comes in 12-ounce cans that have an ABV of 5 percent — so don't let its "pure" taste fool you.

Courtesy of White Claw

So, when can you start drinking it? According to white claw, Pure Hard Seltzer will become available nationwide on April 1. If you're at least 21 years old, you can stock up on the flavor at that time. I wouldn't wait too long to try it, though, because it won't be around forever. According to White Claw, the limited-edition Pure Hard Seltzer will only be available while supplies last (so act quick!).

If you're not looking for something that tastes like a vodka soda, then you'd probably be interested in the other hard seltzer flavors that White Claw has to offer. Those include Black Cherry, Ruby Grapefruit, Natural Lime, and Raspberry. Regardless of which flavors you choose, drink 'em responsibly.