A teenage girl with short dyed hair and hearts painted on her cheeks looks like an e-girl.
These E-Girl Costumes For Halloween Will Bring Your Internet #Look To Life

The latest fad in the world of social media and the Internet is TikTok. By now, I'm sure you've heard of this popular app and know it's a space where everyone, from teens to celebs, can start viral trends and show off their inner e-boy or e-girl. You may even be on the hunt for e-girl costumes for Halloween, or consider yourself to be this kind of person based on your #look.

You may rock multicolor hair IRL and in the videos you post, or dress up in oversized band T-shirts and wing your eyeliner. According to, you may also draw a little heart on your face and put some extra blush on your cheeks so you're channeling your favorite anime characters, because why not? Arguably, that's one of the most beautiful thing about being an e-girl: your unwavering ability to be confident, bold, and express yourself and what you're passionate about in life as much as possible.

It might be why you've attracted a ton of hearts and adoring fans, too. You're part of this extremely cool club, and it's about time you bring your Internet #look to life. These four Halloween costume ideas will make it happen for sure.

An Anime Character

What I've come to understand about e-girls, it's that they basically look like the characters from some of the most popular anime shows. E-girls might rock blush that makes their cheeks look warm and cute, bangs, and slightly-winged eyeliner. In addition, they may have dyed their hair a saturated tone of purple or pink.

You can easily recreate the look on Halloween by doing your own makeup and hair like so. You can also wear an outfit that an anime character would, like a crewneck sweatshirt with a cat on it, or a black tank with a choker and some other necklaces layered with it. If you have a pair of cat ears, a super cozy flannel, or a vintage skirt, now is the time to rock those pieces, too.

A Band Fan

Do you have a band tee in your closet? I hope so if you want to be an e-girl for Halloween. These kind of girls may style them into their outfits by wearing them with long sleeves and high-waisted boyfriend jeans.

Embrace that look and pair it with a curly set of braids, glasses, and some Dr. Martens boots for a trendy and comfy costume on Oct. 31. You may even want to pick up a chunky chain necklace or a pair of net stockings to put under your jeans. When you arrive at the party in your full #look, everyone will instantly know that you're a classic band fan — or a modern-day e-girl.

A '90s Girl

If you're an avid fan of Friends and other television shows from the '90s, then you may constantly believe you were born in the wrong generation. You may have all kinds of clothes that are typical of that decade — that e-girls on TikTok would wear on their days off from filming videos and raking in the views. Pull them out on Halloween and transform yourself into a girl from the era of skateboarders, scrunchies, and butterfly clips.

In fact, pick up those items (if you don't already own them) and make them part of your #look. Walk into your bestie's place with overalls on, or your hair clipped backed with colorful and fun accessories. Then, take lots of pics or a video for TikTok with your crew to show the world your rad Halloween costume.

A TikTok User

Last but not least, some might say the e-girl trend was born on TikTok. So being a TikTok user for Halloween is incredibly appropriate. Not to mention, it gives you the opportunity to channel your favorite creators.

To put together this costume, pick a viral user and build your #look around them. Get the rainbow wig they wore, or be creative and a walking (or dancing) version of a challenge like the #gitupchallenge. Take it to an e-girl level and create the #egirlfactory trend in real life. Rock some fake freckles and dark lipstick, and pose for every photo with your TikTok app open and facing the camera lens.