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4 Sad Girl Fall Costumes For Staying Cozy On Halloween

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Ladies and gents, I have an announcement. It's October, and that means your sun-kissed selfies, iced coffee orders, and brightly colored bathing suits have officially been retired for the year. Instead, you may be on the lookout for Sad Girl Fall costumes so you can stay cute and cozy this upcoming Halloween.

As much as you may love chilling with your besties on the spookiest night of the year, drinking punch that's labeled "witches brew," and posting pics on Instagram, you want to feel cozy. You want your #look to include a warm blanket, piping hot latte, or the essence of a lazy day spent watching movies like Halloweentown. If you could show up to the party dressed like a phone that's been turned to "do not disturb" mode, that would be ideal and totally capture your recent #mood.

Don't get me wrong, you love your friends and making new mems to the moon and back. But it's Sad Girl Fall, and you want to keep life ~casual~. You're over spending hours getting ready or hopping from one place to the next. Celebrating the holiday with good snacks, great conversation, and better people is your style right now.

I don't blame you one bit, and want to make sure you're snuggled up and also looking cute on Oct. 31. That's why I've put together a few costumes for Halloween inspired by Sad Girl Fall. Soft clothes and lots of good vibes, included.

A Pumpkin Latte
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For some people, one of the best parts of fall is the seasonal items on their coffee shop's menu. This includes, of course, a pumpkin latte that's been brewed with cinnamon and lots of love. It's your go-to order on particularly chilly days, or when you're walking around campus in a cozy hoodie and being a Sad (yet very happy and content) Girl.

That's why I think you should be a pumpkin latte on Oct. 31 and show the world your sweet side. The look only requires a pumpkin headband, oversized white tee, biker shorts, and pair of white sneakers. However, you will need to spend a night in decorating your tee so it resembles a latte cup. That's OK, right? I thought so.

A Slumber Partier
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When you were a kid, you might have loved having sleepovers with your besties. You may have teamed up with your pals and made a plan to get your mom to say yes to an overnight playdate on several occasions. So, you know exactly how to be a slumber partier for Halloween this year.

In fact, you already have your unicorn onesie on, or a pajama set that'll make everyone at the party say, "Oh my gosh, that's adorable!" You have a trendy sleep mask, a cozy blanket, and some snacks packed for a fun-filled night. I'm very proud. Now, cue up the iconic movie Sleepover while you wait for Oct. 31 to come around.

A Vampire

If you're celebrating Sad Girl Fall this Halloween, what better to dress up as than a vampire? They love to sleep and enjoy hanging inside on sunny days. Not to mention, their look is incredibly recognizable to other partygoers, so you won't have to worry about explaining what you are. (Phew.)

To get the vampire look, you can wear a turtleneck sweater, a pair of black jeans, a silky cape, and a set of fake fangs. Easy peasy — and that's the true beauty of this costume. It lets you spend most of your Oct. 31 eating peanut butter cups, jamming to the "Monster Mash," and hanging with your autumn-scented candles before the big social event.

A Reindeer
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Here's the thing about Sad Girl Fall: it's really a #mood that continues into winter. It's preparation for the chillier nights ahead and everything that comes with cuffing season. So for Halloween, do yourself a favor and be a reindeer and show the world that you're one step ahead of the game.

Throw on a pair of antlers, a furry coat, and use some makeup to paint a nose on your, well, nose. Apply some red lipstick if you so choose, and keep the rest of your look pretty simple. This is the kind of costume that leggings and a comfy long-sleeve T-shirt works really well with. Get dressed, and know you look comfy and cute from head to toe.

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