26 Sad Girl Fall Captions For Instagram & Sipping PSLs In Bed

Well, my friends, it's time to put away your sunny selfies and pics by the pool. Social media has entered a new season, and it's all about relaxing in bed, drinking warm teas, and listening to the new Lana Del Rey album on repeat. According to ELLE, it's the time for being cold, cozy, and a little melancholy about the change of the seasons. Let's get into it, shall we? That way I can give you some Sad Girl Fall captions for Instagram and sipping PSLs from the comfort of your home.

Let's be honest: Autumn is almost in full force. The weather is cooling down, and it's time to trade in your sundresses and flip flops for oversized sweaters and booties. You're happy as a clam staying inside, snuggling up with your pup, and streaming Netflix on a Friday night instead of going out. You may be getting away from the drama or doing your makeup just to impress yourself, and throwing the hashtag #overit on your posts.

When it comes to the weekends, you might be hosting bonfires with your besties and keepin' life pretty ~casual~. It's not that the Hot Girl in you has disappeared; she's just retired for the time being and catching up on the sleep she missed when she was living her best life and hopping on planes to Europe over the summer. I support her endeavors and big dreams of spending time with herself, as she prepares for winter, cuffing season, and wearing too many layers to work.

As long as she remembers to get cotton candy at the fair and adventure to the mountains with her crew too, then I support her celebration of Sad Girl Fall. In fact, here are 26 captions for the occasion and sipping your PSLs in bed for the next few months.

Michela Ravasio/Stocksy

1. "My favorite season is Sad Girl Fall."

2. "I'm on energy saving mode, thank you very much."

3. "I'll get over it. I just have to be dramatic first."

4. "Roses are red, I'm going to bed."

5. "Where can I download some motivation?"

6. "Just a general life update: chillin' and sipping PSLs."

7. "Do more cozy things when it's Sad Girl Fall."

8. "It's been real, Hot Girl Summer. Hello, Sad Girl Fall."

9. "Adulting is soup and I'm a fork."

10. "2032 is going to be my year. Just you wait."

11. "All things cozy allowed."

12. "Cold AF."

13. "I followed my heart and it led me to my bed."

14. "Napping is my version of happy hour."

15. "Staying in is the new going out."

16. "If it requires putting on pants, then no."

17. "And with this selfie, Sad Girl Fall was born."

18. "Cold shoulder selfie."

19. "Winter is coming, and I'm not prepared for it."

20. "Does shivering count as exercise?"

Thais Ramos Varela/Stocksy

21. "TBH, I just want to wear sweaters and snuggle."

22. "One hot-tea."

23. "Surround yourself with pizza and blankets, not negativity."

24. "Showed up for the oversized sweaters."

25. "In the mood for a hug and lots of chicken nuggets."

26. "Welcome to Sad Girl Fall. I'll be your tour guide."

Now, in case you're feeling stuck on what to post on Instagram during Sad Girl Fall, I wanted to give you a few content ideas. For example, I think posting a pic of your favorite mug filled to the brim with warm coffee would be absolutely perfect. Showing off your new oversized sweaters or your Friday night at home would surely rake in the likes too.

If the composition is cozy and the lighting isn't aggressively bright, then you're on the right track. Oh, and be sure to use one of these captions, OK? They'll set the mood and make your pumpkin candles, Lana Del Rey records, and Sad Girl Fall vibes shine.