6 Instagram Influencers You Should Be Following For The Best Fall #Content

Caitlin Bea/Ivana Jorgensen

As someone who spends a majority of her days editing pictures, writing, watching vlogs, and looking at the latest #content, I feel pretty dialed into the social media world. I know what happens behind the scenes of the colorful posts you "like," and what goes into the stylish selfies with New York City's exquisite skyline. After lots of double-taps, I know what Instagram influencers to follow in 2019 too, if you're looking for sunflowers, oversized sweaters, and lots of fall inspo.

Believe it or not, it's almost that time of the year again when going to the local fairs and pumpkin patches becomes the norm. Your tastebuds are beginning to crave hot cider and cinnamon-flavored doughnuts. Despite your deep love for spending time at the beach, you might be sending messages in the group chat like, "Who wants to watch Halloween movies this weekend?" instead.

You may soon be covering your apartment in twinkly lights and knit blankets, or going into the city purely for the fresh flowers at the markets, trendy coffee shops, and the orange jumpsuits in the windows. (Don't even get me started on the preset packs you downloaded in preparation for the autumn things that'll be on your feed.)

Do yourself a favor and check out these six creative, unique, and super cool influencers on Instagram, OK? They have the best inspo for your upcoming content.

Julianna Vezza (@juliannavezza)

First up is food and travel content creator, Julianna Vezza. Her photos are always so colorful and capture some of the most beautiful spots on this planet. Whether she's posing with flowers in Amsterdam or in front of a flamingo-printed wall in Miami, her pics make you want to hop on a plane and follow your wanderlust.

This fall, she's one to follow if you don't necessarily want to sit on your couch at home, but need an extra push to get out in the world and create new and exciting #content. She'll be the one who inspires your clever pics with your passport and helps you bring the warm tones of a sunset to your own profile.

Not to mention, she may very well inspire you to order a tropical drink or a breakfast salad that's jam-packed with delicious ingredients for the 'Gram. (That sounds like a recipe for success if you ask me.)

Caitlin Bea (@caitlinbea)

Caitlin Bea, a content creator based in Los Angeles, rocks the chicest looks and never fails to add a little glitter or a handwritten detail to her posts. Personally, I love her editing style. (Excuse me, how can I make my profile look that consistent?)

Bea turns every spot on the beach, vintage pump at the gas station, or casual sidewalk into an IRL dream. She makes me want to take all the detail shots of my fall outfits and find even more creative ways to share the things I love about life on social media.

As the leaves begin to change and you pull out the teddy jackets and chunky boots from your closet, you'll definitely want to turn on post notification for her account so you're notified when she posts another inspiring pic.

Ivana Jorgensen (@ivajorg)

If you're an avid Instagram user like me, then you know some posts come onto your feed and make you instantly say, "Woah." This might sound a little dramatic, but ever since I started following Ivana Jorgensen, a content creator with so much vision and pizazz, I regularly get my breath taken away.

What can I say? She knows how to create and isn't afraid to try something new and different with her camera or editing programs. In fact, she even shares her process regularly on her feed to give her followers a glance into how she added glitter onto a shopping cart or made it look like she's licking a giant ice cream cone.

If you follow her, you may think even more outside the box when it comes to your posts and check out the different features in Lightroom or Photoshop. You'll add pumpkins where they once weren't, and bring props to your shoots.

Chloe Wen (@bychloewen)

Let's talk about Chloe Wen. She's a content creator based in Nashville who has a feed that'll instantly give you heart eyes. Her pictures from her travels to national parks, bustling cities like Paris, and more will make you fall head over heels for staycations and capturing your life on the 'Gram.

In the fall, that's really everything you can hope and dream for, because you might be booking less trips and spending more time cozying up on the couch, checking out local cafés, and taking walks in the park with your significant other. Let this ~cool chick~ be your guide to capturing all of those sweet memories and posting them on social media.

Alli Robben (@astylebreeze)

Seriously, what is it about fall that makes us want to wear oversized sweaters and neutral outfits day in and day out? I'm not quite sure, but Alli Robben, a social media influencer in Cincinnati, Ohio, makes me dream about seeking out the coziest and most stylish things in life.

This girl boss constantly posts pics in flowing dresses, ripped jeans, and big hats. It's like she's a walking Pinterest board for fashion and lifestyle, with an eye for content and finding the perfect papaya to put in a flat lay.

When you follow her, you'll feel so inspired to take pictures in the fields at the orchards down the road from your apartment or of the jewelry displays at a pop-up shop nearby. (Yes, please.)

Victoria Lynne (@torycakes_)

Last but not least, good vibes meet the Instagram world in Victoria Lynne, a content creator and social media influencer who will inspire your fall-themed feed like no other. She's without a doubt one of my favorite people to follow on social media because her shots are colorful and adventurous. With one glance at her electric profile, you'll feel like you jumped into a bohemian fairy tale with your very best friend.

Take it from me: Give her a follow if you like vintage-looking pics of mugs by the beach or need ideas for pictures to take with your BFFs this fall. She'll remind you that flannels always have a spot on your feed, as well as sunsets, blooming plants, and crystals.

As someone who spends a lot of time on social media and Instagram, I think you'll really enjoy these content creators and influencers who are so inspiring, unique, and cool. What are you waiting for? Go hit that "follow" button RN.