5 Clever Pics To Take With Your Passport, Because Your Bucket List Is Overflowing

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If you're anything like me, you've had a bucket list since you were, like, 5 years old. Back then, it was scribbled in a notebook in hot pink gel pen, and listed your big dreams like, "eat the perfect grilled cheese," or, "learn how to skateboard." Then, you got older and slowly realized you could dream even bigger, and see the most beautiful places in the world in your lifetime. You began to add items to your always-growing list, such as "go snorkeling," and, "backpack through the dreamy cities of Europe." Now, you're in need of some cute and clever pics to take with your passport, because your bucket list is overflowing.

Don't stress. It's going to sound like a #weirdbrag, but I have the best ideas for #content in my brain. At any given moment, I'm daydreaming about the lovely photographs you could get in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the selfies you could snap with your besties along the cobblestone streets of Rome. When I'm not imaging these mini photo shoots, I'm scrolling through Instagram and saving the travel pics I want to recreate on my own trips. Hair scarves, plane wings, and huge bowls of pasta, included.

Needless to say, I know what kind of pictures you can take with your passport while you pack your suitcase or board your flight. They'll make your followers want to create their own overflowing bucket lists — I pinky promise.

The "But First, Selfies And Stamps" Pic

Happy young african woman casually dressed standing isolated over gray background, holding photo camera, showing passport with flight tickets


The first of these pictures to take with your passport is what I like to call, "but first, selfies and stamps." Essentially, you pose with your travel documents, film camera, or other accessories, and look toward the lens. You throw a huge smile on your face, and show the world you're feelin' so peachy about hopping on a plane with your passport.

To really pull this pic off, try to find a good backdrop that'll make your "props" and glowing grin stand out. I would highly recommend a neutral-colored wall in the airport, or even a colorful one that complements your on-the-go outfit.

After you fill your camera roll with selfies, edit them with the best preset packs of the season. That way, your feed looks and feels consistent, before you add more #content from your trip.

The "Getting Ready For Adventure" Pic

Arguably the most crucial part of going on any adventure that requires your passport is packing. You may typically spend the few days before your flight planning out your outfits, what travel-sized bathroom products you need to buy, and finding a bag that'll fit everything. You put your favorite sundresses and the documents you can't forget on your bed, and begin organizing.

You might think to yourself, "This would be a great Instagram pic," when you're staring at your piles or your well-arranged suitcase. I couldn't agree more, and believe you should grab your passport and take a few snaps of your pre-trip setup. Get above your clothes, sunnies, and maps, find the right angle, and hit the "capture" button.

For an easier and slightly more creative version of this shot, lay out your itinerary, mood boards, and, of course, your passport, on a table and show the world you're getting ready for an epic adventure.

The "Airport And Passport Hangs" Pic
Ivan Gener/Stocksy

When you're at the airport waiting at the gate for your flight to board, there's usually a lot of downtime. There might be an hour or so when you have nothing to do but listen to your podcasts, grab a few snacks, and charge your phone. To say the least, the boredom can be real.

Well, not anymore, because you can use this time to get some new content for Instagram. Simply give your camera to your travel buddy, ask them to take the "airport and passport hangs" pic, and let the good vibes and times roll. The goal is to get your headphones, travel documents, plane outfit, and bag in the shot.

Can you do it? I think so! Then, you can spend the rest of your time coming up with a bunch of cute travel captions for your trip. I don't know about you, but that sounds picture-perfect to me!

The "Up In The Clouds With My Passport" Pic

Relaxed casual woman flying on commercial passengers airplane, filling in immigration form, drinking coffee, listening to music.


Once you board your flight and get settled in, your trip begins. You're officially on your way to adventure, new and exciting memories, and otherworldly views. TBH, it's hard to sit still in your window seat when you think about everything that's to come. Sometimes, you watch a movie to distract your mind, or read a book that takes place in your destination.

Can I suggest taking this energy and channeling it into a photo shoot? There are so many different pics you can take with your passport when you're up in the clouds. You can snap a pic of it next to your cup of coffee, or next to the sky.

If your travel buddy or the person sitting next to you is feeling up to it, you can even capture yourself on the plane with your passport, gazing at the wing or a fashion magazine. (Um, yes please!)

The "Thank U, Next Destination" Pic
Dreamwood - Michael & Lucy/Stocksy

Last but not least, my favorite kind of picture you can take with your passport is the "thank u, next destination" pic (shoutout to Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" hit). It's inspired by your overflowing bucket list and strong desire to travel the world. It tells your followers you had an amazing time on this trip, but are hopping on a plane elsewhere now.

As much as you've loved staying in a dreamy Airbnb or hotel amongst the palm trees, and basking in the sunshine, you're ready to roam around the islands or the bustling cities of Europe. You're so ready to get some sleep, and check a few more items off your travel to-do list.

Just grab an oversized hat, hold your passport, and take a pic like this in your destination before you go. It'll score you some likes and comments while you're heading to the airport — again.

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