These Cool Airbnbs In LA Are Perfect For A Last-Minute Trip With Your BFFs

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Believe it or not, summer is already halfway over. (I know, it's shocking to me, too.) If you take a closer look at the calendar in your phone, though, you'll realize the longer and sunnier days are limited. The pages in your passport are filling up as you take the trips you've had planned out for months. *Cue the gasps.* Is there time to book one of the dreamy Airbnbs in Los Angeles and take a last-minute trip with your BFFs? Absolutely.

As far as I'm concerned, where there's a will to travel, there's a wave on the West Coast. There's a vintage store in the downtown area of the city with great deals, and a rollercoaster on a beautiful boardwalk that's calling your name. There's a cute café with the most Instagrammable treats and decor, and a surfing instructor who's excited to help you check an item off your bucket list.

The key is to find those hidden gems, come up with a detailed itinerary, and go. Summer doesn't last forever, and you deserve to have those experiences, like, right now. Start by booking one of these seven Airbnbs in Los Angeles with your BFFs. They're made for a sweet last-minute getaway — I pinky promise.

This Cool Loft With A Rooftop Hot Tub

When you're looking for somewhere to stay with your BFFs on a trip, you typically run through a mental checklist. The accommodations need to have enough space for sleeping, and sweet amenities like WiFi, a television (so you can watch all the drama unfold on the The Bachelorette), and maybe even a pool.

Well, what if I told you there's a cool loft in downtown Los Angeles with a rooftop hot tub and everything you're looking for? I think you'd probably hit the "book" button right away. You'd send the link to this artsy place in the downtown area in the group chat with your travel buddies, and start looking into the eateries and Insta-worthy walls nearby.

This Trendy Guesthouse That's Ready For Instagram

One of the main reasons why you and your BFFs want to take a trip to Los Angeles might be for the Instagram pics. The city is crawling with neon signs, colorful walls on Melrose Avenue, and views that'll take your feed to the next level. Staying in a trendy guesthouse near the beach in Mar Vista is definitely possible, too, and will help you score colorful #content.

Just do yourself a favor, and track down some pool floats or pineapples for the photo shoots you have at this Airbnb. In addition, create a little space in your camera roll.

This Rustic Guest Suite That's Made For Adventurers

Adventure might as well be your middle name. It's your favorite activity, the sole reason why your passport is jam-packed with stamps, and the one thing that brings you and your BFFs closer together. That's why, for your last-minute trip to Los Angeles, you need an Airbnb that reflects your love for the outdoors and doing spontaneous things on the weekend. Can I suggest this dreamy and rustic guest suite in the Hollywood Hills?

From the moment you step into this space, you'll feel wrapped up in the good vibes that are on the West Coast. You'll feel more relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on a day of sightseeing. Be sure to hike up to the Hollywood Sign.

This Bungalow That's Perfect For An Epic Brunch

In my opinion, every trip needs an epic brunch on the itinerary. This is a morning when you and your BFFs can order a bunch of waffles, mimosas, and strips of bacon at an eatery, along with freshly-made smoothies and scrambled eggs, too. If you stay in this bungalow in Los Angeles on your trip, then you can have that breakfast at home.

You can grab some groceries, whip up a delicious meal in a well-designed kitchen, and enjoy it from the comfort of the front porch or the table that's decorated with a cactus. You can brew a cup of coffee, and let any work stress wash away.

This Cozy Airstream That's A Total Gem

One of the biggest items on your bucket list right now may be staying in an airstream for a night. That's because it's like a more comfortable and modern version of camping, and allows you to explore national parks or cities in the most unique way. If you're heading to Los Angeles this summer, then, I highly recommend booking this cozy airstream with spectacular #views.

It'll be the ideal place to watch the sky turn a vibrant shade of pink, after a day of wandering around the Griffith Observatory, Dodger Stadium, and The Grove. You'll be able to snuggle up with your BFFs at night, and talk about the next trip you're going to go on.

This Artsy Loft That's In A Great Location

When you think about staying in a loft in Los Angeles, you may instantly picture your favorite scenes from New Girl. You may imagine the entire crew playing True American, talking about their love lives, or laughing about the latest thing Schmidt said.

Up until this point, you might have never thought you'd be able to live like the characters you've come to know and love. But, thanks to this artsy loft near Pershing Square Park, you can. You can walk through the farmers markets, sing at the local karaoke bars, and make lots of new memories. What more could you really ask for?

This Cottage In the City That's Sweet And Chic

Sometimes, when you're planning a trip at the last-minute, you want to keep things sweet and simple. You don't want to spend hours tracking down planet tickets and affordable places to stay. You just want to get to your destination, and be in complete and utter relaxation mode.

I don't blame you if that's the case for this Los Angeles trip you're going on with your BFFs, and would suggest booking this adorable cottage in the city for that exact reason. It'll allow you to kick back and recharge, stick to your budget, check out the eateries you've been longing to go to, and have the experience of a lifetime.

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