If You Don't Do These 7 Spontaneous Things On A Weekend Trip, Did It Even Happen?

When you first started traveling, you spent weeks, and sometimes months, planning for your trips. You researched all the best restaurants in the area and watched vlogs from your favorite influencers who had been there and done that. You created group chats and shared documents between you and your travel buddies, and made detailed notes on the excursions that were on your bucket list. To say the least, you were organized and rarely left any part of your experience to chance. Recently, though, you've learned that, more often than not, the spontaneous things to do on a weekend trip are the most memorable. *Nods head in total agreement.*

Let me tell you: That's a very valuable lesson to have learned. Sure, knowing how to survive long plane rides, get the dreamiest accommodations for a good price, and fit your entire closet in a carry-on bag is important. But, acknowleding and being prepared for the things that aren't marked in your itinerary is what will take your travels from average to out of this world.

From here on out, you can expect that your experiences are going to be filled with adventure, unbelievable views, and moments that feel like they should be in a movie. (I would definitely bring a camera with you, so that you can capture the good times and vibes!) You can also expect that your weekend trips will now include one or all of these seven things that'll make the mems last for, well, forever.

Take Pictures On A Disposable Camera
Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

If you're anything like me, you pack a camera whenever you're going on a trip. The night before, you spend a decent amount of time making sure that your batteries are charged and that you have extra film in your bag. It's a process, but one that you know is so #necessary, especially for getting those Instagram-worthy shots.

To be more spontaneous, though, try picking up some disposable cameras for your next weekend trip. Give one to each of your travel buddies and let them snap away. At the end of the trip, get them developed together and flip through all the candid memories you made and captured for life. (Warning: Happy tears may be required.)

Hop On A Sightseeing Tour
Kristen Curette Hines/Stocksy

When you made plans with your travel buddies to go on a weekend trip, you instantly suggested somewhere with lots of sights and things to do. You mentioned cities like New York City and Los Angeles, where there are tons of cute eateries, landmarks, and colorful walls to pose with. My question to you is this: How can you see and do it all?

Truth is, you could plan out a whole itinerary, or you could spontaneously hop on a sightseeing tour. Typically, these are led by a guide or hosted on a double-decker bus that you can get off and on at your leisure. Um, yes please!

Order Room Service At Your Hotel
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Growing up, I thought that staying in a hotel was the coolest thing, like, ever. I would be excited for weeks before a family vacation or casual trip, if I knew that comfy robes and extra soft pillows were included. Those feelings haven't changed much. But nowadays, I get more excited for one thing, in particular: Room service.

There's just nothing like flipping through a menu of breakfast food, ordering it, and having it delivered to your bed. Bacon and eggs, waffles, croissants — you name it, and normally they have it!

On your next weekend trip, spontaneously pick up the phone and place your own order to experience this joy for yourself. I pinky promise that you won't ever regret or forget it.

Grab Tickets To See A Local Band
Robert Kohlhuber/Stocksy

Throughout my travels, I've found that experiencing a place like one of the locals always makes for some unique memories. Finding beaches that are tucked away, restaurants that are total hole-in-the-walls, and cute shops that the crowds don't really know about just upgrades any trip.

Grabbing tickets and seeing a local band play live is another ones of these experiences that'll make your weekend stay in your mind forever. Simply research what concerts are going on while you're in your destination, and head to the venue. Maybe stream the artist or group beforehand, so you know some of the lyrics, too!

Try One Of Everything At A Dessert Spot
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Let's be honest: You and your travel buddies are a sucker for sweets. (*Cues "Sucker" by the Jonas Brothers.*) Every time you go on a trip, you try and find a local donut shop or somewhere with ice cream cones that are covered in rainbow sprinkles.

So far, you've been pretty successful at finding the world's best cupcakes, cookies, and cannolis. Can I recommend something for next time, though? Order one of everything on the menu at a well-known dessert spot, instead of opting for whatever looks good. Then, post a picture of your treats on social media with the caption, "Donut disturb."

Rent A Car And Drive To The Coastline
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Sometimes, the best sights and experiences aren't reachable by foot. That's because they're located by the coastline, or in a national park that's beyond a city's borders. Sure, you could plan a separate trip to see them — to go hiking, stick your feet in the sand, or adventure on the West Coast. But, if you ask me, renting a car and driving toward the ocean would be much more spontaneous.

It would allow you and your travel buddies to see more than you originally planned, and make the most of your days. It would give you time to have heart-to-hearts over your favorite songs and snacks, and stories to tell when you get home. (What more could you ask for? It beats me!)

Wake Up For The Sunrise

I understand if the last thing you want to do on a weekend is wake up early. Saturdays and Sundays are typically meant for hitting the "snooze" button, and laying in bed well into the morning. But, if you want to be a little spontaneous and have a trip that you'll never forget, I'd highly suggest setting your alarms for 5 or 6 a.m and catching the sunrise.

It'll be a moment that truly feels movie-worthy. With your travel buddies by your side, your heart will be full of adventure, love, and a lot of joy. Most importantly, though, you'll leave the viewpoint or the roof of your hotel building feeling refreshed, alive, and like you made some one-of-a-kind mems. You did! And those mems will last forever.