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25 Captions For Fall Festivals & Capturing The Gourd Vibes For The 'Gram


I don't know about you, but I'm already making lots of plans for autumn-themed weekends. I'm chatting with my best friend about going to New York City and eating all the apple cider doughnuts in Chelsea Market, and figuring out when my SO and I can go to the orchard for an afternoon and get pumpkins for our home. You're likely penciling in the same kinds of activities and coming up with captions for fall festivals you plan on going to as well.

Would it be OK with you if I helped? Like winning prizes at a carnival or reaching the top of a Ferris wheel, finding the perfect caption for a pic brings me a lot of joy. It makes me feel like I captured the moment in its entirety and brought my followers along for the ride. That's why I also spend so much time trying out the best preset packs of the season, and deciding which one makes my cotton candy stand out and my flannels look extra cozy.

To some, I might look super ridiculous tapping through before and after versions in my camera roll and pointing out the little differences in the way the sun hits the sunflower petals or the neon signs at the ticket booth glow. But that doesn't stop me from bringing my camera to seasonal festivals, snapping a bunch of pics of fried dough, and rushing home after all the fun and games to edit them. In fact, it makes me want to purchase a few more tickets for the merry-go-round and maybe even get my face drawn by a caricaturist.

Can you say "same"? Duh. Why else would you be gathering up captions for fall festivals and jotting them down in a note on your phone? Here are 25 captions to add to your list so you're fully prepared for the gourd times and picture-perfect moments to come.

Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

1. "Oh my gourd."

2. "It's officially fall festival season."

3. "Just here for the fried dough."

4. "I never met an apple cider doughnut I didn't like."

5. "This is what fall dreams are made of."

6. "Going on as many fall adventures with my best friends as possible."

7. "I know it's corny, but I love this festival so much."

8. "Hocus pocus, to get through the corn maze we need to focus."

9. "I've got sunshine, my people, and lots of good feelings."

10. "The cutest pumpkin in the patch."

11. "Sweet like candy corn and caramel apples."

12. "Bae won me the biggest teddy bear at the fest."

13. "Cotton candy skies up ahead."

14. "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's pumpkin spice." — A take on the Maybelline slogan

15. "Stay in your fall magic, babe."

16. "Having a gourd time at the festival."

17. "All the fall things." — A take on "All The Small Things" by blink-182

18. "Orange you glad you get to see all the fall things I'm doing?"

Luke Gram/Stocksy

19. "Haunted houses are scary. Find your boo."

20. "We've been dreaming of fall festivals like this."

21. "A fall weekend in the life of me."

22. "You either love going to fall festivals, or you're wrong."

23. "Creepin' it real at the festival."

24. "Enjoy the ride."

25. "Doin' fall things for the 'Gram."

Now, if you want more things to do this fall, other than attending all the festivals in your area, I'd highly suggest going on a weekend trip to a cozy cottage in the mountains, or hopping around to all the coffee shops in your area and trying the seasonal items on their menus. After all, you have to take advantage of this season and everything it has to offer.