These TikTok Influencers Have The Best Vids On The App

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Generation Z is doing it right when it comes to social media. Where millennials left off with Vine, Gen Z-ers are picking up with TikTok, a video sharing app that lends itself to some fantastic and hilarious content. If you're not super familiar with the platform, you might need a little help to get started. First up, here's who to follow on the TikTok app for all the best short videos — you can thank me later.

In case you missed the TikTok wave, TikTok is a short-video sharing social media platform where users can create up to 15-second videos of themselves doing pretty much anything. It was launched in 2017, and it just keeps rising in popularity. Singing your fave song? You can make a TikTok out of that. Having a dance-off with someone? You can TikTok that. Participating in an internet challenge? That's definitely TikTok material. In addition to sharing straight recordings of themselves, TikTok users are able to add songs, effects, and sound bites to their videos, making TikTok a platform where many people get super creative with their bits.

In the same way people used to get famous or well-known from Vine, and the way people now get famous on Instagram and Twitter, there are several well-known TikTok users consistently making content people want to watch. Here are some people to follow on the TikTok app to see some of the best videos on the internet.

1) @lorengray

TikTok user and singer Loren Gray (@lorengray) makes hilarious TikTok videos centered around lip-syncing. When she's sticking to her regular format, @lorengray's videos usually start off with her regularly lip-syncing a hip-hop or pop song. At some point in the video, the regular lip-syncing will turn into something ridiculous — in one video, for example, she transforms into an alien every time the original singer says a NSFW word. She also makes videos of herself mouthing lines from movies, other memes, or TV shows, like this video where she and her friends lip-sync recite mean girls lines.

2) @lizzza

You might know Liza Koshy (@lizzza) from other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, but my favorite videos of hers are definitely her TikTok videos. User @lizzza is famous on TikTok for her wild and animated expressions, her perfect lip-sync skills, and her generally humorous content. Take, for example, this video of her lip-syncing the song "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama and being absolutely hilarious while doing so.

3) @iamcardib

Celebrities: they're just like us! At least when it comes to TikTok. One of my absolute fave celeb TikTok users is Cardi B, which is unsurprising because the rapper and singer has a generally great social media presence. In my famous TikTok video of hers, Cardi challenges partner Offset to a rap battle, but it becomes apparent when the video cuts to her wrapping a present that she clearly meant "wrap battle."

4) @zachking

If you're looking for consistently good original bits, Zach King (@zachking) is the person to follow on TikTok. From his hilarious and creative take on the Bottle Cap Challenge to his incredible video transforming images of food into actual food items, former Vine star @zachking has proven himself to be one of the funniest people on the app.

5) @twinmelody

The TikTok account @twinmelody is made up of two twin sisters who became famous for their "JuJu On Dat Beat" dance video. The account is full of pretty impressive synchronized dance videos that are both fun and weirdly relaxing to watch. These sisters have some serious skills.

Whether you're at the beginning of your TikTok journey or you're a seasoned TikTok user, these five TikTok accounts will spice up your app-using experience and take your video-viewing game to the next level. Happy scrolling!