OMG, J.Lo Closed Versace's Runway Show In Her Iconic 2000 Grammys Dress (Yes, THAT One)

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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Even though the internet may not have been as prominent in 2000 as it is now, you'll remember that Jennifer Lopez definitely did break the internet when she donned her infamous green Versace dress at that year's Grammy Awards. Still, that iconic dress is forever burned into everyone's mind. Of course, leave it to the 50-year-old to, almost 20 years later, break the very prominent internet after rocking the iconic dress once again. On Friday, Sept. 20, Jennifer Lopez closed Versace's Spring 2020 fashion show in a remake of the dress and showgoers, along with literally everyone on social media, went absolutely wild.

It would be inaccurate to say that J.Lo is "having a moment" right now, considering the star has never really not had a moment in her over-30-year career. However, she is definitely having a collection of a lot of really big moments lately. Between her lead role in the star-studded movie Hustlers that hit theaters earlier this month, to her high-profile romance with fiancé Alex Rodriguez, to just literally being one of the most talented people on the planet, it makes sense that Donatella Versace (an icon in her own right) would want to recreate that indelible 2000s moment right now.

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The 2020 dress is apparently actually a duplicate of the 2000s dress, but J.Lo's entire look is absolutely spot-on, right down to the beauty beat. The actress/singer strutted the green jungle-inspired silk chiffon dress down the runway, as showgoers gave her and the show (but mostly her) a standing ovation. She then met Donatella, Versace's chief creative officer, at the middle of the runway, and the two posed for pictures and created yet another iconic moment.

The 2019 version of the dress is sleeveless and emblazoned with a few more jewels and adornments, while the 2000 version had long sleeves and just one jeweled fastener that held the dress together in the front. And in case you weren't already aware of the original dress' impact on society and just how huge that moment was in time, J.Lo stepping out in that dress actually helped spark the idea for Google Images to be created. According to former Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, Jennifer Lopez wearing that green Versace dress sparked so many searches that the Google founders realized their regular search engine at the time couldn't cope with the amount of searches combining J.Lo and Versace. So, they created Google Images in response. HER. IMPACT.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In addition to the recreation of the dress, the rest of the Versace 2020 collection featured a range of dresses and skirts in the same pattern as the dress. But this year, there were even pink, orange, and red versions of the pattern strewn throughout the collection. To those who were paying close attention to the show, they likely made the connection between the pattern and the iconic dress even before J.Lo made her appearance.

According to Vogue, right as the patterned looks started to close out the show, J.Lo's Love Don’t Cost A Thing could be heard throughout the venue. Then, the walls were reportedly turned into screens, and guests could apparently see a collection of Google Image searches for the original dress. Then, Vogue reported that, over the speakers, a voice said, “OK Google, now show me the real jungle dress." And out the star came.

While just about anything can spark a viral trend on the internet these days, this moment will definitely remain one of the major highlights of the year 2019 as a whole.

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