Jennifer Lopez Proved Pole Dancing Is No Joke In An Epic ‘Hustlers’ Training Video

by Daffany Chan
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez is the total package. With the triple threat of singing, acting, and dancing, it's not a surprise she's one of the biggest global stars around. If you're a huge fan of J.Lo and can't wait for her upcoming feature in Hustlers, you'll want to check out this video of Jennifer Lopez mastering pole dancing for Hustlers. Her staunch dedication and hard work in mastering the pole dance routine is seriously inspiring.

The new 13-minute video on J.Lo's Youtube is called "How I Mastered the Pole Dance." It features the 50-year-old actress preparing for her role as the confident, veteran stripper Ramona in Hustlers, and she looks absolutely rockin' in it. It starts off 4 months before production begins, with Lopez and her pole dancing instructor rehearsing. Lopez starts off by stretching before putting on sky high stripper heels to learn the exact hand placement and hip twists to create master stripper slides down the pole. It quickly becomes clear that pole dancing is definitely not easy.

With a fierce gaze, Lopez shows off her incredible strength when she practices the mind-boggling twists. She routinely has to undergo painful moments. In one moment, she expresses that "it just hurts so much right there," showing off all the bruises she earned from her training sessions. Seeing Lopez keep going even after these challenges while learning the mechanics and movement really highlights her perseverance to succeed. As rehearsals continue and Lopez is shown practicing day after day, she narrates the hours that went into preparing for the role as a stripper. Lopez explains that "this is just as hard as anything as I've ever learned, it might be one of the hardest," highlighting the warrior attitude she has that keeps her going.

Seeing Lopez finally take her routine to the stage and actually film the Hustlers scene is so exciting, and her growth as a pole dancer is amazing. She's seriously goals and looks magnificent in her glittery outfit during showtime. After the scene is filmed, it's an emotional moment for Lopez. The production team comes to the star to compliment her on the amazing job and Lopez says that she "feel[s] like crying a little bit," explaining that she had to overcome some serious nerves and self-questioning. She shares: "It's super different from anything I've ever done. I was super nervous when I first walked out, I was like what am I doing with my life right now?"

This teaser of the film definitely makes me want to catch the release of Hustlers, which comes out on Sept. 13. It has a star-studded cast that includes Constance Wu as Destiny, a fellow stripper, along with Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Julia Styles, and Lizzo. The film centers around Ramona and Destiny, who become involved in a plot to embezzle money from businessmen that visit their club after the financial crisis. The comedy-drama definitely seems like an entertaining hit that won't disappoint. Especially after seeing the behind-the-scenes grit of J.Lo, I'm even more excited to see how all her hard work pans out on the big screen.