7 Ariana Grande Halloween Costume Ideas That Look So Sweet

by Hollee Actman Becker
YouTube/Ariana Grande

The countdown is on, witches... Halloween 2019 is almost here. Do you know what y'all are gonna dress up as yet? Because it's almost October and the clock is freaking ticking! Here's the good news: If you're struggling for new ideas, you really needn't look any further than Ariana Grande's music videos from the past year. Girlfriend pretty much crushed it in the creativity department, and there are legit endless possibilities for dope costumes in her videos. Endless. Like, the limit simply does not exist. I mean, I can count at least 10 in "Thank U, Next" alone — and that's not even including Kris Jenner as the coolest mom of all, or a pregnant Colleen Ballinger — aka "Miranda Sings" — dressed up as a cheerleader. Here, then, are 7 Ariana Grande 2019 Halloween costume ideas. Grab your lipgloss and get in ladies, because we're going shopping. Bottles of bubbles not included.

1. Ariana George

In the video for her breakup bop, "Thank U, Next," Ari perfectly emulated Mean Girls queen bee Regina George with her pink cardigan, Louis Vuitton handbag, silver-initial necklace, and icy death stare.

Yup, she's like really pretty, and the whole thing was just so fetch.

Steal her look with a pink cardigan from Cider, layered on top of a white "A Little Bit Needy" tank:

Then add a light gray skirt like this one from Lulu's, which is a perfect dupe for the one Ari rocks in the video. Bonus points because you can totally wear it again after Halloween:

Accessorize your 'fit with Ari's signature initial necklace and boxy pink handbag:

Then add a long, blonde wig (preferably one that's full of secrets) and congrats — you're now officially a Plastic. If you wanna be really extra, go ahead and carry around a Burn Book, too:

2. Grande Claus

The Plastics' "Jingle Bell Rock" dance scene is one of my all-time faves from Mean Girls, and Grande replicates it to perfection in "Thank U, Next." Dressing up like Christmas on Halloween? So grool! And guess what? You can buy this complete outfit for just $13 on Amazon!

YouTube/Ariana Grande

3. Ari In the Atmosphere

Grande has always kind of looked like a cheerleader thanks to those signature high ponytails she's always been fond of. So it wasn't really that far of a stretch for her to slip into the Torrance character from Bring It On during another scene in "Thank U, Next."

YouTube/Ariana Grande

Brrrr, it's cold in here! Copy her look for Halloween with this similar red cheerleading outfit from Amazon:

Then accessorize with a big red bow and you'll be ready for roll call.

4. Legally Grande

Grande went full-on hot pink Barbie in order to emulate Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde-inspired parts of "Thank U, Next."

What, like it's hard?

YouTube/Ariana Grande

Steal her style with this pink biker jacket from Pretty Little Thing:

Then couple it with a hot pink sports bra and matching mini skirt:

Throw a pair of cat-eye shades in your hair and you're good to go.

5. Money Honey

TBH, I'm still not sick of Grande's song "7 Rings." It's just such a killer friendship anthem, ya know? Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble? You want it, you got it.

YouTube/Ariana Grande

Steal Grande's look from the video for your costume with this hot pink bra top and matching set of leggings from Pretty Little Thing:

Add a hot pink fanny pack, a long pony, some glittery rhinestone earrings, and a pair of pink patent pumps. Then stomp off with your girl squad for some breakfast at Tiffany's.

6. Trainwreck In A Tutu

How rocker glam was Grande's look in her "Boyfriend" video? The white tutu-over-black-biker-shorts look was definitely one of my faves, and it's so easy to replicate for Halloween.

YouTube/Ariana Grande

Score yourself a fluffy white tutu over on Amazon, then just basically wear it like a shirt:

Pair it with black biker shorts and a pair of black platform heels and you, too, can be a motherf*cking train wreck.

7. Fly Girl

Grande — along with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Ray — pretty much broke the internet the day they unveiled their super-steamy "Don't Call Me Angel" music video. Grande dressed up as a dark angel femme fatale is a whole mood, and don't even try and tell me this look wouldn't make the perfect sexy costume.


Grab your own "fallen angel" 'fit on Amazon:

Then pair it with these over-the-knee boots from Party City and get ready to fly:

Happy Halloween-ing, Arianators!