Be Warned: Ariana Grande's "Boyfriend" Video Gets So Unexpectedly Gory

by Jamie LeeLo

I know for a fact I've said the words "God is a woman and her name is Ariana Grande" in the past, but it still stands true! Ariana Grande's "Boyfriend" music video is here and it is showering fans with all sorts of vibes, levels, and moods, you guys. People have been dying to see what sort of visuals accompany this heavy-hitting track title and our Queen did not disappoint. The music video is sexy, hilarious, and unexpectedly gory, yet another win for Ms. Grande.

When she first teased this new song was coming out people were losing it. In the past, Grande has been extremely open and vulnerable about her previous relationships leaving everyone wondering what could she possibly be bringing with this new hit. In the opening lyrics to "Thank U, Next" Grande referenced her exes Ricky Alvarez, Big Sean, the late Mac Miller, and Pete Davidson. It was equal parts incredible and overwhelming. Naturally, there's where everyone's minds went with this song, too.

In this music video, Grande sings about her complicated feelings for a guy that is not her boyfriend. While they're not together, she doesn't want to see him with anybody else and he doesn't want to see her with anyone else. The lyrics are vague, so it's unclear if the song is about one of Ari's exes or a new guy she's got the feels for, but thanks to the teaser Grande dropped at the end of July, fans knew the music video was going to feature Mikey and Scootie from Social House as the leading men. The two have worked with Grande on her previous albums. She shared a quick clip on July 29 along with a series of stills from set on Instagram. Social House was also tagged in all of her pictures and, as per usual with everything Grande does, she got the hype train a-rollin'.

The images were serving both romance and edge. Leather and lace, ya know? If you thought the pictures were good, then you're going to love the music video. (Don't worry, Grande's iconic ponytail made the cut. This time with 100% more volume.) Take a look:

As you can see, the video features Grande and Mikey from Social House as the two people who have complicated feelings for each other. Tensions rise as they watch each other mingle with other people at a party. When Mikey begins flirting with a girl, Grande imagines herself tackling the woman to the ground, and when he starts flirting with another girl, Grande pulls a Katniss Everdeen and shoots her in the hand with a bow and arrow. (See, that's that gore I was talking about.)


Later, Mikey gets jealous of a boy Grande is flirting with and gets into a physical fight with him. He wins in the end and casually rips out the dude's heart.

With lyrics like: "I'm a motherf*ckin' train wreck / I don't wanna be too much / But I don't wanna miss your touch," you're sure to have this on your car-riding playlist so you can queue it up on your way to that party where your crush is going to be in no time. (Though, let's be real, Ariana Grande music can fit practically any mood, anytime, anywhere.)

I'm so happy that Grande keeps coming back swinging with new music and new music videos like this at such a rapid pace. Who knows if there is more surprise music where this came from, but with Grande, anything is possible. Love to love you, babe!