How You Should Decorate Your Living Space, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa
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Decorating my apartment was one of the most exciting moments of my life. As a Cancer, my home is my safe place and eternal sanctuary, so the color, aesthetic, and overall vibe really need to be up to par. However, my Venus sign is in Gemini, which means I’m eclectic, changeable, and pretty much one of the most indecisive people on the planet. Regardless of whether you can relate to my fickle qualities, I’m going to reveal how you should decorate your apartment, according to your zodiac sign, because everyone could use a little help in that arena.

Before you keep on scrolling, you should check your Venus sign. While Venus governs relationships and the way you love, it is also the planet of luxury, pleasure, and beauty, so you'll definitely want to take your Venusian traits into consideration. It doesn't hurt to check your moon sign, too, as it is a symbol of comfort, and the way you nurture yourself. With that being said, don't make any interior decorating decisions until you've checked your sun, moon, and Venus signs first. Trust me, you'll want to be totally sure.

Here's how each of the zodiac signs should decorate their living space:

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Aries: Bold, Daring, And Spacious

Aries is full of energy, so this fire sign prefers their surroundings to be fun, bright, and spacious. In fact, the more bold, the better. However, don't get too complicated. Aries are impatient and prefer to keep things simple.

  • Color Choices: shades of red, orange
  • Key Elements: leather, fire place, metallic hardware, trophies
  • Stay Away From: cluttered areas, depressing color hues

Taurus: Gorgeous, Rich, And Lavish AF

Taurus is ruled by elegant Venus, planet of love and beauty, so if there's anyone in the zodiac who lives for a lavishly gorgeous home, it's a Taurus. This earth sign lives for beauty and material things, which is why they have no shame investing in the best of the best. It's quality over quantity for Taurus.

  • Color Choices: earth tones, hints of gold, royal green
  • Key Elements: plants, instruments, artwork, statement pieces
  • Stay Away From: an uncomfortable furniture, small kitchens

Gemini: Bright, Eclectic, And Busy

Gemini is fickle, childlike, and fast-paced. This air sign is always exploring new ways of living, so the majority of them rearrange their house at least a couple of times a year. A Gemini gets bored easily, too, so variety is key.

  • Color Choices: hot pink, bright yellow, lime green
  • Key Elements: technology gadgets, a land line, patterns
  • Stay Away From: empty spaces, serious color tones, boring art

Cancer: Cozy, Familiar, And Sentimental

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so this water sign is highly sensitive and incredibly moody. Home is where the heart is, and well, the heart wants what it wants, right? There's nothing a Cancer loves more than a cozy night in with their loved ones. They are the homebodies of the zodiac.

  • Color Choices: cream, pastels, shades of blue, silver
  • Key Elements: memorabilia, family photos, fluffy pets
  • Stay Away From: empty fridge, unfamiliar neighborhood
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Leo: Gaudy And Larger-Than-Life

Leo is the star of the zodiac, and their home needs to stand out just as much, if not more. This fire sign wants lavish, gaudy, and over-the-top. Similar to their sister sign, Aries, a Leo likes to put their accomplishments on display.

  • Color Choices: gold, shades of orange, royal purple
  • Key Elements: expensive art, animal print, large dining room table
  • Stay Away From: anything mediocre, negative energy in your home

Virgo: Earthy, Tidy, And Organized

As you know, Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac. This earth sign prefers the process over the final outcome, and it's the same with their living space. This means a Virgo is never done decorating, but even then, they manage to keep it spotless and perfectly organized.

  • Color Choices: earth tones, minimalistic
  • Key Elements: book, artwork collections, cleaning supplies, planets
  • Stay Away From: clutter, dirt, bold furniture

Libra: Elegant, Lovely, And Totally Charming

Libra is a child of Venus, planet of love and beauty, so you can already imagine the aesthetics. Beauty makes a Libra happy, and their home needs surrounded by all things gorg.

  • Color Choices: pink, gold, pastels
  • Key Elements: big closet, flowers, a guest room, mirrors, ornaments
  • Stay Away From: hand me downs, anything cheap, small closet

Scorpio: Powerful, Mysterious, And Sexy

Scorpios need their alone time. This water sign is intensely private, moody, and a goth at heart. They are natural homebodies, like their sister sign, Cancer. Scorpios need a place where they can hide from the rest of the world, and ultimately recharge their batteries. They may or may not dabble into the dark arts every now and then, too.

  • Color Choices: black, burgundy, dark blues, shades of red
  • Key Elements: mystical trinkets, a comfy couch, mirrors on the ceiling
  • Stay Away From: expensive items, lots of windows
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Sagittarius: Spacious, Colorful, And Exotic

Let's face it: a Sagittarius is rarely ever home, but when they are, it's always wild. Whether they're inviting friends over to play board games, or simply working on a messy project that takes up their entire living space, this fire sign prefers to stay busy. Sagittarius is the gypsy of the zodiac, so their house needs a killer backyard, or at least a balcony for fresh air.

  • Color Choices: purple, red, blue
  • Key Elements: lots of windows, spacious living room, exotic souvenirs, lots of books, outdoor spaces
  • Stay Away From: tight areas, no color, no windows

Capricorn: Classic, Serious, And Traditional

There's nothing a Capricorn loves more than keeping the tradition. Everything from antiques to vintage hand-me-downs is everything to those born under the sign of the goat. In terms of their living space, this earth sign is down to earth and practical.

  • Color Choices: Forest green, beige, dark burgundy
  • Key Elements: wood, vintage clocks, office space, record player, antique ornaments
  • Stay Away From: bold colors, flamboyant furniture

Aquarius: Modern Contemporary And Futuristic

Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, and their living space is just as eccentric. This air sign is a true nonconformist; therefore, it absolutely loathes anything traditional. Don't expect an Aquarius to fall in line, as they much rather stand out in the crowd.

  • Color Choices: silver, metallic, purple, bright shades of green
  • Key Elements: modern furniture, all things minimalistic, a telescope, technology gadgets,
  • Stay Away From: tradition, shades of red, cluttered spaces

Pisces: Dreamy, Otherworldly, And Serene

Pisces is the daydreamer of the zodiac. This water sign loves nothing more than to retreat from the rest of the world, and get lost in their fantasies. Pisces is artistic and ethereal, and their living space is swimming in magic.

  • Color Choices: shades of blue, shades of green, light purple
  • Key Elements: fish tank, cozy furniture, large TV screen, candles, constant music playing, dream catchers
  • Stay Away From: shadowy areas, uncomfortable bed, stressful environments, clutter

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